Alina Makeup Artist Asansol | Bridal Makeup Artist Asansol
Alina Makeup Artist Asansol | Bridal Makeup Artist Asansol
Alina Makeup Artist Asansol, A professional Bridal makeup artist in Asansol can give you the flawless beauty which suits you the best on your Big Day.

Alina Makeup Artist Asansol | Bridal Makeup Artist Asansol

We, Alina Makeup Artist need you to feel good, we will create for your big day. We along with these complete a full hair and cosmetics preliminary in your home or in our studio and fastidiously go over with your needs and wants. A few ladies need to have this preliminary before booking, while others might essentially want to sit and meet their beautician in a discussion and keep their preliminary until closer to the wedding. Alina makeup artist in Asansol, contact and make your special day memorable.

1. HD Makeup, done in the very classical way of manual mingle using brushes and blenders. It can hide your blemishes, creases, wrinkles and the thick of unnatural crack by doing this makeup. High Definition Makeup is what most celebrities and international makeup artists doing. And the reason is why, it gives you a very natural, non-cakey and perfect look. And be ready for camera in an hour. Alina HD makeup Artist.

2. Airbrush Makeup: Airbrush makeup is slight makeup enforce with the help of Airgun. Sounds sounds stricky? First of all mix the liquid foundation and poured into the short cell of the Airgun and sprayed all over the bride’s face. when you pressed the trigger, a smog of foundation covers all over the bride’s face and give the flawless finish and the perfect blends makeup look.

3. Natural Makeup: Nowadays most of the people likes the bold, dramatic and very heavy makeups. But Not everyone because its very hard to carry the heavy makeup in daytime occasions. That’s why we come with a natural bridal makeup or party makeup it uses lightweight to give you even more tone, with exquisite colours to highlight the features. It looks like your are blushing.

4. Mineral Makeup: Uses of chemical-free cosmetics is good for your skin. Cosmetics can be damage or harmful for your skin, especially for those who have very allergic and sensitive skin. Mineral Makeup is usually suggest by skin specialists and even the dermatologists after the special analysis done. The increment in popularity of Mineral Makeup, the possibilities and choices are much high like the other types of makeup. Alina Bridal makeup artist will take care everything, you need just contact us.

She is understanding the client's exact requirements very well and delivers accordingly that also at a good speed. Moreover, I was given many tips on my skin which was beyond her job.

Azma Noor

Alina Makeup Artist really can do anything, you just have to communicate with them and you will not be disappointed. It's my suggest please do contact Alina Makeup Artist. She has great experience in makeup

Akriti Singh

Please Don’t hesitate, if you are thinking about booking the Alina Makeup Artist for your wedding do it now. She did a fabulous job it's my suggestion to book an appointment for Bridal Makeup, she is a specialist in this

Meera Kumari

Alina Makeup Artist did my Stylish Makeup for a special occasion. Alina Makeup Artist did a wonderful job. Even my Dad who is usually doesn’t like makeup said that my makeup was perfect. Alina Makeup Artist did a wonderful job.

Sweta Roy










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At Alina Makeup Artist we have years of experience under our belt in Bridal Makeup & Hair style. We make sure that all your needs and desires are met when you come to us for makeup & hair style for your wedding. We have a team of professional Stylist for all your needs.

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