Say Hello to Svaya’s Simple, Convenient & Reliable Collaborative Robots
Say Hello to Svaya’s Simple, Convenient & Reliable Collaborative Robots
Welcome to Svaya Robotics - where robots augment human ability and integrate the real world with the virtual to unlock unlimited possibilities.

To make a collaborative future between humans and robots possible, we have been focused on bringing accessible robots - that are simple, convenient & reliable, and that which can be deployed anywhere, anytime. We have developed and built all of the technology that powers it - from robots to software to algorithmic stack - to balance human expertise with machine precision to make a flexible, smart and connected future possible.

Welcome to Svaya Robotics - where robots augment human ability and integrate the real world with the virtual to unlock unlimited possibilities. Through our human-robot interaction & collaborations, the nature of businesses will fundamentally shift production from rigid standardization to flexible automation, individualization and autonomy. 

Through our vision, we focus on building collaborative robots that are intuitive and predictable to work alongside employees, and our first-hand experience working with small and large enterprises has given us crucial insights that inform and guide us in the development of our breakthrough products and technology.

In comparison to traditional industrial robot manufacturers and other robot manufacturing companies, our collaborative robots have been built with a purpose - to serve as simple, convenient and reliable co-workers.

Where a typical traditional industrial robots manufacturer  is built for sheer power and speed, thereby potentially threatening employees’ safety, our collaborative robots amplify the benefits such as reliability, consistency, higher productivity, reduction in waste, and much more.

We are proud to be one of India’s leading flexible automation cobots manufacturers & suppliers who are focused on creating the best collaborative robots that are most reliable to work with. 

Both experts and non-experts without requiring them to master any programming languages or proprietary API’s, can start working with our collaborative robots upon installation. To achieve this, we have designed and engineered our system from a clean slate to seamlessly integrate hardware and software with built-in safety and plug-n-play application versatility.


Our systems are completely software-driven with an intelligent software platform accessed through an intuitive and responsive interface to teach, collaborate, automate and integrate with a production eco-system and it works across all our products.

Our Full-stack Collaborative Robotics Platform

Our collaborative robots make an intuitive and engaging interface accessible to anyone who wishes to create, connect, simulate and control workflows, bringing new levels of usability, flexibility and scalability to even unstructured environments.

Our collaborative robots are unrestricted, in that they are specifically designed to work alongside humans in an unrestricted work environment.

Our collaborative robots are:

> Precise with advanced motion controls and high-precision encoders for repeatability within 0.05mm and high accuracy every time

> Easily adaptable to process variations paving the way for radically new applications in complex assembly, in-process inspection, polishing, remote monitoring etc.

> Versatile, easy to configure and reconfigure between applications with minimal changeover time.

> Built with built-in redundant safety ensuring worry-free human-robot collaboration

At Svaya Robotics, our team is a blend of world-class engineering experts with deep engineering expertise in technology and innovation. Our collaborative robots are only a gateway to further technological advances across advanced perception, adaptive motion planning, human-robot interaction, and AI/ML to enable radical new applications that shape future production eco-systems.

Our human-in-the-loop robotics goes beyond simple flexible automation robots supplier, to combine human creativity with robotic precision and reliability – and thus, we make it Better Together!