Binance Tops Ethereum Blockchain As SafeTitan (STTN), New BEP20
Binance Tops Ethereum Blockchain As SafeTitan (STTN), New BEP20
Cryptocurrency is surging this week. It is the first big bounce up since it fell in June

                  However, most investors in the crypto era are newbies and don’t realize it. It is normal, a historical fact, that the forex trading markets fall in June and September. The 2021 leap forward is the one thing investors should be focusing on bep20 token generator. The opportunity is ripe as Amazon posted a cryptocurrency job, Safetitan Token for DEFI has its ICO launch on August 14, and DogeCoin is becoming incredibly commercial.

Amazon accepts crypto: BTC, ETH, ADA, BCH, more

The mainstream media spotlight on cryptocurrencies has never been greater. Amazon rumors shocked the world last week as it was said that the e-commerce goliath would be accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2021. This gave the cryptocurrency market a jolt, sending Bitcoin up to $40K and other major coins paralleling the increase.

According to London-based website City.AM , Amazon would first accept BTC, likely before “year’s end,” before moving on to at least eight altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and Bitcoin Cash ( BCH).

This particular “inside information” could not be verified. And since then, sadly, Jeff Bezos had an Amazon representative deny those specific rumors .

However, it is true that Amazon is looking to develop a way to accept cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the trillion dollar company is likely to create its own cryptocurrency. A job opening for a create bep20 token ‘Blockchain and Digital Currency Lead’ was posted on their official website. The new hire will be responsible for laying the groundwork or roadmap for Amazon’s path into the crypto industries. This includes distributed ledger, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

This means that Amazon will begin testing new cryptocurrency technologies and brands, or possibly ideas for how to use them, starting in 2021.

SafeTitan ICO launches now on August 14

China’s cryptocurrency SafeTitan ($STTN) has delayed the launch of its ICO until August 14. Highly anticipated, the brand’s hyped 3 phases make a crypto supermoon photo possible.

With Binance recently surpassing Ethereum in total coin transactions in one day, the new Cryptocurrency is perfectly lined up to break initial coin offering records.

Safetitan is a token paired with BNB. The founders are strong believers in the Binance blockchain and plan to become one of, if not the most well-known BEP20 token for decentralized finance (DeFi) lending. The brand also has a major focus on solving cryptocurrency issues from China and Latin American countries. Safetitan will reduce gas fees for cross-border payments, generating a lot of interest in family members helping others in places like Venezuela , Cuba or Serbia.

In its phase 3 of commercial development, the new cryptocurrency suggests that it will be more than a token with an ROI based on usage. The Chinese currency is also anticipated to develop and establish a secondary crypto lending option. Crypto money that can be lent to other users through a secure smart contract.

This lending action will occur on the SafeTitan DeFi exchange. This will take time to complete and will require studies of user habits create bsc token . Not yet released, it is in development stages according to the official website of the STTN token,

Those looking for a new cryptocurrency ICO to invest in should sign up today through the SafeTitan website ( here ). The option to register for the initial coin offering will end on August 9. STTN tokens will be available for purchase at a rate of $0.005 cents (USD) on the ICO launch date, August 14.

With crypto currently heading higher, this may be one of the last supermoon crypto opportunities of 2021. At least one for such a low price. The market in general may see a big increase in October, possibly even in September.

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