The Hottest Bridal nail trends of 2022 | Classique Supply
The Hottest Bridal nail trends of 2022 | Classique Supply
Every bride-to-be imagines everything from the outfit to the venue to be nothing short of a fairytale. When the day finally approaches, she ensures that everything is just as she had envisioned. Nails also play a huge part in the outfit as they can make or break the whole look. Your wedding nails should be in line with the wedding theme. The ever-changing fashion industry makes it tough to keep up with the season's trends. So, we have rounded up a list of ideas and viral nail trends of 2022

The Hottest Bridal nail trends of 2022 | Classique Supply


The french twist: A classic french manicure can never go out of style. If this timeless style is your go-to and you want to glam it up, you can swap it up by replacing the classic white tips with coloured ones. You can go for the two-tone effect, decorate it with gems or patterns or both and achieve that edgy yet sophisticated look. Do not forget to add the finishing touch with a top coat from Zoya nail polish.


Statement glitter nails: These are, hands down, the most sought-after trend of 2022. For that added oomph factor, these nails could be your perfect choice. The glitter will make sure that your nails add just the perfect amount of glimmer for your big day.


The classic white nails: These returning beauties are an all-time favorite as they can elevate any look with ease. White nails look tasteful and go together well with any kind of wedding dress. You can consider single accented white nails with a touch of gold. You could consider adding crystal embellishments to the regular white nails for an added bling. Gelish nail paint with a top coat from Zoya nail paint would look straight out of a salon.


The Block coloured nails: Single-shaded nails look especially beautiful in dark colors for a winter wedding. This trend lets you jump onto the fashion bandwagon without doing anything unusual. A rich dark color on short nails would look gorgeous for any wedding theme. Many gel nail paints like Gelish nail polish give manicures like finishing at home. 


Nude nails for the win: The beauty of nude-coloured nails is that they can complement any shade of dress and still look top-notch. It is particularly best suited for classic affair weddings. Brides who want to follow the latest trends without straying too far away from the traditional side can try out these. 


Bling on with rhinestone: Rhinestone nails are perfect for brides who want to attract compliments. Bling is known to be a bride's best friend. For a day this important, the nails should also look the part. You could go as minimal or as extravagant as you like. 

Whether you choose to go minimal or all out, the best way to stand out with perfect nails is to add a personal touch to them. Your style adds the most glamor to your ensemble, including your nails. For a long-lasting finish, consider the most reliable brands like Zoya nail polish or Gelish nail polish.