S Shape Cavitation Machine: An Overview of What's New in Beauty
S Shape Cavitation Machine: An Overview of What's New in Beauty
The S Shape Cavitation Machine can be used to remove wrinkles, tighten skin. For the body, it can reduce fat, create a perfect body contour.

Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is one of the most effective ways for body sculpting, removing localized fat deposits, and eliminating cellulite, and is suitable for almost any stage of cellulite. The S Shape Cavitation Machine is an innovation in ultrasonic cavitation technology.

Because ultrasonic cavitation treatment is painless, has no recovery period, and has long-lasting results, this treatment method has gained great popularity in the beauty industry. Fat cells destroyed by cavitation do not recover again. This is why ultrasonic cavitation is often compared to traditional liposuction.


What is S Shape Cavitation Machine?

Whether you're new to ultrasonic cavitation or a big fan of ultrasonic cavitation, we'd like to invite you to learn about this beauty new thing - the S Shape Cavitation Machine. We are happy to introduce to you our newest S Shape Cavitation Machine, which usually includes Face RF&Suction, EMS&EL, Body RF&Suction, RF&Ultrasound, and Lipo Laser.

S Shape Cavitation Machine usually includes Face RF&Suction, EMS&EL, Body RF&Suction, RF&Ultrasound, and Lipo Laser, it is considered as one of the most popular skincare, face lifting, body slimming, and anti-aging beauty machines. It solves the skin and body management problems of many beauty lovers.

It is an alternative to all face and body treatments in beauty salons. Using the S Shape Cavitation Machine requires no injections, no medication, no operating room, and no side effects. Used topically throughout, the effects are visible almost immediately after the first treatment.


Working Principle of S Shape Cavitation Machine

·Face RF&Suction

The special design of the S Shape Cavitation Machine integrates RF and vacuum, which can exist independently or complement each other. Compared with ordinary radio frequency, it can shape the body more efficiently.

Applying an RF handle with vacuum suction to the face can improve the fluidity of human cells, enhance the movement of cells, restore skin elasticity, and improve microcirculation. In addition, RF heats the deep layer of the dermis, stimulates collagen fiber growth, and can also tighten the sagging skin of the face and lift the skin.



EMS is an acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulation or Electrical Muscle Stimulation Technology. EMS uses microcurrents to stimulate muscle tissue, which then causes the muscles to passively move, thereby tightening the skin and making the facial contours more pronounced.

Electroporation (EL) uses electrical pulses to generate a temporary electric field that acts on the cell membrane to create gaps through which larger or hydrophilic molecules can enter the cell, thereby improving skin permeability.


·Body RF&Suction

The body RF handle of the S Shape Cavitation Machine can adjust different modes to treat different parts, and it is more efficient and effective to slim down and shape the body without harming the human body. Vacuum suction can increase the tissue activity of the skin and muscles, helping to restore the elasticity of the skin tissue, while slimming and shaping.

It can accelerate the blood circulation of the capillaries, and then expel toxins from the body through the circulation of the lymphatic system, reducing spots and pigmentation in various parts of the body.



The ultrasound of the S Shape Cavitation Machine makes the human fat cells strongly impact and produce frictional movement, which can effectively consume the heat and water of the cells and reduce the shrinkage of the fat cells. In addition, the fat cells will burst and reduce due to the strong impact of the sound wave vibration on the cells, to achieve the effect of fat reduction.


Advantages of S Shape Cavitation Machine

·Complete face and body care with S Shape Cavitation Machines.

·Ultrasonic cavitation effectively removes fat and solves the troubles of obese people.

·You can choose different handles and adjust different modes according to different needs.

·The handle design is based on ergonomics, easy to operate, easy to learn and use.

·One handle has multiple functions, more powerful and more efficient.

·The combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency helps to lose weight, firm skin, and increase skin elasticity.

·It is painless and non-invasive, and no recovery period is required after ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

·All body parts can be treated and the effect is obvious.

·There are no side effects from using S Shape Cavitation Machines.


FAQs of S Shape Cavitation Machine

·How long does it take to start seeing results from treatment?

Patients usually see results immediately after the first treatment. Since the role of radiofrequency is to stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to promote collagen regeneration, the more the number of treatments, the more obvious the effect will be. The patient's lifestyle after treatment determines the durability of the treatment effect.


·What are the functions of S Shape Cavitation Machine?

As an innovative technology of ultrasonic cavitation, S Shape Cavitation Machine has functions such as fat-dissolving shaping, face lifting, and anti-aging. It can be operated on every part of the body.

Using the S Shape Cavitation Machine on the face can shape facial contours, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve facial sagging, and more. Acting on the body can reduce local obesity, shape body contours, and promote metabolism.


·Do you need to diet after treatment?

What to eat after treatment. Because S Shape Cavitation Machine works to dissolve fat and speed up metabolism. It is best for patients not to eat greasy and spicy foods as they can affect normal metabolism. In addition, proper sweating exercises help to speed up the metabolism and make the ultrasonic cavitation treatment results more obvious.