Laser Hair Removal Guide
Laser Hair Removal Guide
You can through this blog to find out how effective laser hair removal is, whether it is worth it, and what types are available.

Laser Hair Removal Guide

Hair exists in many parts of the human body. Hair is considered a "gift of ancestors", but excessive hair can cause us inconvenience. Whether it was before or now, many people have many problems and worries about hair removal. Waxing can cause skin pain, and permanent hair removal cannot be achieved with a hair removal knife or hair removal cream.

For permanent hair removal, all you need to know is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is considered one of the most reliable and safest hair removal methods. If you are determined to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently, our article will help you. Here's everything you need to know about laser hair removal treatment. So, is laser hair removal worth it? How many sessions are required for complete hair removal? Is laser hair removal safe?


What Is Laser Hair Removal?

During laser hair removal, laser hair removal machine use a focused laser beam to remove unwanted hair. It burns the hair follicle by heating the melanin in the hair follicle. It is melanin that determines hair color, not just hair.

Melanin absorbs light waves of a certain length. Under the action of laser heating, the elevated temperature of melanin is transmitted to the surrounding tissue, that is, the hair itself. In turn, hairs and follicles die because they cannot withstand the heat. If the correct laser hair removal treatment is performed with a professional laser hair removal machine, then the skin will not suffer any damage.


What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

·Applicability. Laser hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body. Laser hair removal can be used on the bikini area, armpits, legs, face. Perhaps the only place where lasers should not be used is the eyelids.

·Accuracy. In a laser hair removal studio, you won't have any cuts, scratches and other injuries, just hair removal and nothing else.

·Speed. It only takes a fraction of a second for the laser to fully heat the melanin in the hair; in some cases, laser hair removal for the upper lip takes just a minute.

·Predictability. After your first laser hair removal treatment, a specialist will most likely be able to guide you on when to finally deal with the unwanted hair - he will have a general idea of how your hair will react to the laser and how many more laser hair removal procedures you will need.


What types of laser hair removal are there?

The four common types of laser hair removal work with different wavelengths and levels of safety.

·Ruby laser hair removal. Very common until the late 90s. The ruby laser has the smallest wavelength of all lasers, even less than 700nm, which means that it is not efficient enough to heat melanin. This laser is suitable for fair skin and dark hair, but those with darker skin may get burned during the hair removal process. Because this laser heating does not distinguish between skin and hair, ruby laser hair removal is very painful.

·Alexandrite laser hair removal. This is an improved version of ruby laser hair removal with a wavelength of about 755nm. It's slightly less painful during laser hair removal and better at removing light-colored hair, but it's still not up to the modern day: because it doesn't work on darker skin, additional cooling techniques are required.

·Diode laser hair removal. I think this is the best option for removing unwanted hair. It has a wavelength of around 800-810 nm (sometimes as high as 900 nm), gently burns your hair follicles without harming your skin, and the efficiency of diode lasers is not dependent on a person's skin tone. In addition, diode laser hair removal machines are often equipped with cooling devices, which help reduce the pain of laser hair removal.

·Neodymium laser. Neodymium lasers are the most powerful and are used to remove tattoos. With a wavelength of 1064 nm, which is longer than any other laser hair removal machine, its purpose is not to destroy hair, but to prevent it from absorbing nutrients. Hair follicles die without absorbing nutrients. However, the neodymium laser is also extremely sensitive to the hand controlling it.

As you can see, there are many options for using laser hair removal. Most beauty salons are now equipped with alexandrite laser hair removal machines and diode laser hair removal machines. If you have dark hair and light skin, you can generally use any kind of laser hair removal. If you have blond or red hair and dark skin, then we recommend diode laser hair removal.

Pain during laser hair removal depends on the specific location where the hair removal is needed and your personal pain experience. Of course, laser hair removal is more painful in sensitive areas such as the bikini area. But overall, of all the procedures for removing unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the best because it is the least painful and the most effective. Some people experience only mild discomfort, but it is tolerable.