How to Keep Your Hair Type Salon Fresh Between Visits
How to Keep Your Hair Type Salon Fresh Between Visits
Your best hair day comes right after you walk out of the salon. You feel confident, and your locks look their best. What if you could make that an everyday feeling before your next appointment? With the right volumizing spray, you can look like you just left your hairstylist. Here are three tips for getting the post-salon look every day for your hair type.

There’s something special about getting asked if you just went to the salon when you haven’t gone in weeks. You feel bouncy and light for the rest of the day. This can happen when you find the right way to care for your hair type. In between your salon visits, you can still have a bright look that feels just as lively as it did right out of your appointment. With the right products, you’ll love the look you get every day between salon visits. From using a volumizing spray to lift fine locks to a toning purple shampoo to keep blonde hair bright, here are some tips to keep your hairstyle looking fresh in-between visits to your stylist.

Tone Blonde and Highlighted Hair with the Right Shampoo

An integral part of the post-salon look is bright hair that shines just right. There’s something special about a lively look that makes you feel happy and confident. One of the best ways to keep your blonde locks or highlights lighter is to use a toning violet shampoo. This product can reduce brassy tones while helping your blonde hair and highlights pop between salon trips. Use it once a week to keep your salon-fresh look going strong. On days in between, use a non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner that can help care for and clean your hair without stripping any color.

Add Weightless Volume to Fine Hair to Give It a Salon Look

One aspect of every salon visit that we all love is the full look we have afterward. The volume a stylist can give you is even more enjoyable if you have fine hair. Giving yourself a volumizing boost doesn’t have to be a salon-exclusive experience. A volumizing spray can be a lifesaver if you want a full and textured appearance. A high-quality volumizing spray can help add weightless volume and body to create a look that reminds you of the salon experience. If you want to go for an even fuller, thicker look with a styling product, seek out a creamy thickening paste. Apply this to damp or dry hair to add thickness, texture, and hold.

Refresh Your Curls with the Right Combination

Curly locks can quickly take control and take away your post-salon look. It is essential to find products that can help you manage your curls while keeping your hair happy and healthy. Shampoo and conditioner formulated for curls that adds moisture while supporting your hair is a great addition to your hair care routine. You don’t want to strip away any natural oils, or you can begin to lose the healthy look you need in between salon visits. Then, to add definition and hold, use a cream designed for curls that adds nutrients deep into your locks. This can help keep your curls looking like you just left the salon every day.

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