How to Get Your Hair Prepped to Go Blonde This Summer
How to Get Your Hair Prepped to Go Blonde This Summer
Calling all summer blondes! Now is the time to get your hair in the best shape so you can rock your blonde tones and highlights all summer long. Whether you’re a natural or bottled blonde, purple products like a non-toning daily purple conditioner are a must. You want your hair in great shape before you step one foot into the salon. Other products can help get you ready as well.

Do you have blonde hair ambitions this summer? If you plan to go lighter, now is the time to start thinking about how to take care of your locks before you even book the appointment. The following blonde hair prep tips can help ensure healthy, beautiful-looking blonde tones all summer long.

Strengthen and Moisturize: Get Your Hair in Shape

Infusing your hair with proteins and moisture prior to coloring can help keep your locks from becoming dry and weak. Even if you have a hair care regimen in place already, don’t wait until the last minute to assess whether it—or your hair—needs repair.

All hair types can benefit from a leave-in conditioner as a must-have prep before styling. A protein-based formula can help keep your locks looking strong and healthy. If you have wavy or curly hair, you need tons of moisture, so seek out additional hydrating products designed for your hair type in mind.

If you’re already blonde, purple products like a non-toning daily purple conditioner can keep your hair moisturized and cared for. You want your locks in great shape before you step one foot into the salon. Even if you’re not blonde yet, you could stock up on necessary products, so you’re prepared as soon as you leave.

Hydration: Hair Mask of Your Choice

Applying a hair mask weekly is key to keeping your locks ultra-hydrated and healthy. Masks or deep conditioning hair treatments are an excellent way to get an extra dose of moisture and nourishment. Choose a mask with your hair’s particular needs in mind.

Some masks work well on all hair types and include reparative ingredients like shea butter and vegetable proteins. If your hair is dry or damaged, you may benefit from a product that repairs and reinforces frayed or rough ends with protein-based nutrients and antioxidants. You want this type of mask to help restore elasticity so your locks can handle being lightened. If you have stressed or overworked blonde locks, you’ll want to use a treatment that can help keep tones bright while strengthening and repairing hair at the same time.

Heat Styling: Use Argan Oil

It’s best to avoid excessive heat styling for obvious reasons. But for most of us, heat tools are a necessary part of regular styling. One of your companions should be a versatile, multipurpose argan oil for hair. Consider argan oil another must-have for blondes—especially bleach blondes. Fortunately, some of the best hair care offer specially formulated argan oil for blondes.

You can apply argan oil on damp hair before using heat tools to add moisture, shine, and protection. It can also reduce blow-dry time and help protect your hair from heat and UV damage. You can also apply argan oil to dry hair to help eliminate frizz and seal dried ends.

Weekly Toning: Purple Shampoo

Keep brassy tones at bay and brighten your locks by using a weekly toning purple shampoo. It’s a great way to keep your hair looking like you just stepped out of the salon. If you are already a natural blonde or once you go blonde, use a toning shampoo once a week to help maintain bright highlights and blonde tones.

Guess what? Once you have your hair routine dialed in and your cabinet stocked with the above essentials, you’re going to rock beautiful blonde locks to the fullest this summer.

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