5 Things about Laser Hair Removal Nobody Told You Before
5 Things about Laser Hair Removal Nobody Told You Before
Are you thinking of booking an appointment for laser hair removal? But have you done enough research yet? Here’s what you need to know!

Laser hair removal is not one of those procedures that exude feel-good hormones. You will not be soaking in a relaxing bath or having your whole body massaged. No, there is not anything bad in laser hair removal, you just need to consider a few things before the session.

Laser hair removal is a self-care regime, after all. So, today’s discussion focuses on the important things you should keep in mind before undergoing laser hair removal Bankstown.

Do not Wax or Pluck before the Appointment

Laser hair removal is the best way to aim the pigments in hairs. The hair follicles have pigments, and the laser beams destroy those hair follicles. If there are follicles to target, the laser hair removal goes in vain.

It is better to avoid waxing or tweezing at least 2 weeks before the appointment. However, you can shave. The success rate is high if you shave before the appointment.

The Process is Relatively Less Painful

If you have endured the pain of waxing for far too long, the laser hair removal procedure is a breeze. During the process, the laser sends light through the pigments. As the light exudes heat, the hair bulbs and follicles are destroyed.

You may feel sharp but quick pain. However, the pain threshold depends on the skin type. For example, you may find it painful around the nose or chin. Ask the consultants whether the cooling mechanism is available.

Remove Your Makeup before the Session

Many experts complain about patients coming in with their full makeup on. Moreover, these very patients falsely claim not to have any makeup on. The consultants do not want the patients to embarrass; they just want to protect them.

If there is even a little bit of foundation, the skin starts burning. It takes months and months to fully recover and see the colour fading away. So, do not touch the makeup till the session is over.

Results May Vary

Laser hair removal does not promise magic; the procedure does not ensure the complete elimination from your body forever. Hair may grow back, and it’s fine.

This is a process personalised according to the type of hair and body area. For instance, hairs in the bikini area may completely disappear after 4-5 sessions. On the other hand, thin hairs may be difficult to get rid of over the 5 visits.

It is better to call it laser hair reduction instead of hair removal. The procedure minimises the density and volume of the hair; however, the hair follicles will not completely go away.

Talk to Laser Professionals about Medications

It is essential to inform the professionals about the medications you take. Do you take any topical or oral meds? You should not undergo laser hair removal when you take certain medications. Some medications may make your skin sensitive leading to blisters or burn.

It is important to have a word with the technician. In addition, let the professional know whether you are taking antibiotics, photosensitizing, or acne meds. The professional can customise the procedure after considering the effects.

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Author bio: Amanda Warne is a beauty blogger, and she has recently published an article on Urban Skin Clinic, the best laser skin clinic Sydney. Here, she discusses the top things you should know before booking an appointment for laser hair removal Bankstown.