3 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Dry Winter Air
3 Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Dry Winter Air
Dry winter air is no friend of your skin. Spend any time outdoors, and it doesn’t take long before your skin starts to lose precious moisture. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can get control over your skin before the dry air takes over. You’ll be ready in time with targeted products like vanilla body butter.

Dry winter air is no friend of your skin. Spend any time outdoors, and it doesn’t take long before your skin starts to lose precious moisture and can begin to look and feel dry and flaky. You can get ahead of pesky dry winter air before it sets in for the season if you double down on hydration and moisturization. The more you can do to give back to your skin in the fall, the better prepared your skin will be for the months ahead. Here are a few ways to get started.

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser

How you cleanse your skin can make a huge difference. One way to get ahead of the dry winter air is to use a cleanser that’s not only effective but ultra-gentle. This type of cleanser gives back to your skin as it helps clear away grime and impurities. One cleanser that can easily fit into your routine is a baby soap bar.

A baby soap bar for your adult skin is a top recommendation because it’s gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive skin, and it’s nourishing. For instance, a baby soap bar made with goat milk and shea can give your skin much-needed nourishment. Goat milk is an excellent source of vitamin A, which can help restore and maintain skin. Shea butter helps hydrate and moisturize. Together, these ingredients can help keep your skin looking and feeling great all winter.

End Every Shower with Body Butter

It may sound decadent, but your skin will thank you. Get a head start on dry skin season by adding body butter to your regular bath or shower routine. While your skin is still damp, apply a body butter from head to toe—or wherever your skin is prone to feeling more dried out. With so many decadent scents, you can get vanilla body butter, lavender body butter, or other scents that match your mood.

Body butter can be incredibly enriching for the skin, helping to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize. From your elbows to your knees, body butter can play a significant role in keeping your skin looking and feeling amazing even on the driest of winter days. When you make it a part of your routine on those dry days, you may never even notice that the air is trying to work against you.

Add a Soothing, Hydrating Facial Cream into the Mix

Just as you use body butter to nourish and hydrate the skin below your neck, you can’t forget about everything above. This is where a soothing and hydrating facial cream comes into play. You can use this cream alongside hydrating mists and toners. Like body butter, a soothing facial cream is best applied to damp skin after a bath or shower.

Look for a facial cream with ultra-nourishing ingredients like tallow from grass-fed cows, emu oil, and jojoba oil. Now, you might wonder—why a face cream with tallow from grass-fed cows? This tallow is high in vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins aren’t particularly common in plant-based oils. When preparing your skin for dry air, these nutrients go a long way in doing just that.

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