How do l Start my own TRC20 Token?
How do l Start my own TRC20 Token?
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ETHEREUM, my beautiful alternative!

Ethereum is a blockchain platform that allows us to build applications where Ether is the cryptocurrency used to exchange value and pay for the use of resources on the network. We will directly pay for the resources of the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), it is like paying for a service in the Cloud of any virtual machine (Azure or Amazon), in addition EVM is similar to the operation of JVM (Java Virtual Machine ), so Therefore, Token migration platform Development it is cross-platform because the code is executed in the virtual machine and not in the system, allowing it to be portable as well.

Once the Smart Contract has been created with Solidity and compiled to Bytecode, the only thing we need to deploy it, in the Ethereum Blockchain, is to send a transaction containing the Bytecode of our contract to a specific address, in the Ethereum virtual machine. Once our transaction is included in a block and processed by the network, the contract will be public and a currency will have been created that cannot be censored or altered, and that will be accessible to everyone.

Coins are really tokens.

Our currency will be a token on the Ethereum network. A is a digital asset that can represent anything from securities and other financial products, virtual collectibles, or real-world physical assets. The tokens are created through a Smart contract on a platform such as Ethereum, which also allows these tokens to be transferred safely over the internet.

The Ethereum platform has defined ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) standards. ERC is a mechanism in the Ethereum community to define and specify standards so that tokens defined against those standards have common properties and are compatible. To create our own currency, the ERC-20 standard has been used, currently the most widely used.

In the documentation I explain step by step how to create the currency and manage it in the Ethereum network. Once this is done, you will have your own currency that will be defined in the Ethereum network!