How can l transfer my Binance coin from Tron Wallet?
How can l transfer my Binance coin from Tron Wallet?
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You can now deposit cryptocurrencies in Lemon Cash from any wallet or exchange where you have them. In this note we tell you step by step how to transfer your cryptos to Lemon. Token swap platform development Why should you bring them? Having your cryptocurrencies in Lemon will allow you to give them usability.

If you bring Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT, every Monday you will receive weekly crypto earnings . Lemon Earn crypto earnings percentages are dynamic and may vary from day to day. You can always see the rates in the app and turn the Earn function on or off whenever you want. Also, your coins are always available to use however you want even if you have the Earn feature activated.

In addition, you can sell your cryptocurrencies against pesos immediately and instantly withdraw them to your bank or virtual account with CVU .

Finally, we will soon be launching the Lemon Card , a VISA card that combines pesos with cryptocurrencies and that will allow you to use your cryptos in any business in the world.

How to deposit cryptocurrencies in Lemon?

STEP 1: Open your Lemon Cash account and select “Deposit”

STEP 2: Select “Cryptocurrencies”

STEP 3: Select the cryptocurrency you want to bring to Lemon

STEP 4: Select the BLOCKCHAIN ​​​​network through which you want to deposit your cryptocurrencies.

STEP 5: Copy the network address

STEP 6: Enter the wallet or exchange where your cryptocurrencies are and paste the address of your Lemon wallet. Remember that it is very important that the networks match.

What network should I select when receiving my cryptocurrencies?

Imagine that you have to make a trip by car from Córdoba to Mar del Plata.

The first thing is to choose which route to take: one will be faster, another will have fewer tolls, another will be safer, another will have less traffic.

When you bring your crypto to Lemon, the “Network Options” is the path your crypto will take.

It is very important that the network matches both the destination and the origin of the transaction.