Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Toronto
Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Toronto
Every brand wants to interact with the enormous social audience that Toronto, Canada’s corporate and financial center, has to offer.

Every brand wants to interact with the enormous social audience that Toronto, Canada’s corporate and financial center, has to offer.

Because their target audience spends the majority of their free time on social media, businesses, whether B2B or D2C, are aware that their marketing campaigns are incomplete without social media.

According to research, more than 31.8 million Canadians, or more than half the country’s population, utilize social media. By 2026, about 96% of the population will have access to social networks, according to estimates. This is a sizable market for brands to advertise their goods and services.

Here is a list of Toronto’s top Social Media agencies.

Top Social Media Agencies in Toronto:

The Grid

The Grid is a reputable digital agency that specializes in social media marketing to assist businesses in connecting with their target market. To assist brands to stay relevant on social media and keep in touch with their audience, it adopts an “Always there” stance.

The company offers digital services such as content production, commercial photography, website design, and branding. The organization has hired Toronto-based creative professionals to deliver original content.

Exposure Social

In Toronto, Exposure Social is a full-service social media agency that offers clients a range of services, from account administration to amplification and outreach. It collaborates with influencers to build up buzz for clients. There are more than 500K content producers on the network.

In addition, it offers additional services including YouTube advertising, email marketing, and search marketing to support firms in achieving their objectives.


Social media, internet, and branding services are the focus of the digital agency Brandlume. Over 6400 multinational businesses have collaborated with the company.

The business handles social media advertising for businesses looking to spread their content across websites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter.


By offering its services to leading brands in healthcare, child care, aviation, construction, eCommerce, and other industries over the course of its nearly 26-year history, Mediaforce has excelled in digital marketing.

This Toronto social media company offers a variety of services, such as content curating and graphics. Additionally, it develops a tailored approach for each platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to target various audience personas. Additionally, it offers paid campaigns to promote the material published on various sites.

Qode Social

To help brands in FMCG, health, and beauty, CPG, hotel and tourism, and other industries develop an effective social presence, Qode Social is a top social media firm in Toronto.

The agency oversees campaigns, fosters community, produces engaging content for the target audience, and organizes advertising competitions. Additionally, it offers SEO services and management for Facebook advertising, and it offers three pricing tiers for these services: Pro, Standard, and Basic.

Suits Social

Suits Social, which claims to be Canada’s first social advertising agency, has established a solid reputation for itself in the market.

The agency offers expertise in paid and organic media campaigns that assist brands in generating high-quality leads, attracting new clients, and increasing sales. The business handles everything, including community administration, content generation, and strategy development.

In addition to this, the agency is skilled in email automation, creative media, and search and PPC advertising. Its “acquisition branding” method aids in helping brands generate leads and nurture their growth.

BlueHat Marketing

BlueHat has 15 years of experience in social media marketing and has risen to the top in Toronto. Providing SEO, advertising, and web design services, guarantees organizations obtain quantifiable outcomes, high-quality leads, and more visitors.

Because the agency is a registered Google and Facebook partner, it can conduct effective advertisements and help customers succeed.

Personalized advertising strategies, lead creation, and company expansion are some of its social media offerings. In addition to other cities, the agency maintains offices in Montreal, New York, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

As social media marketing picks up steam, an increasing number of firms are approaching agencies to manage their campaigns.

In contrast, agencies offer a variety of digital services to meet customer demands and accomplish marketing objectives.

One of the most successful tactics businesses have used to increase their social presence is influencer marketing. If you want to launch influencer campaigns and target a larger market segment on social media, you may also work with full-service influencer marketing companies, such as Pecs.