4 Ways to Make Money Online with Videos
4 Ways to Make Money Online with Videos
In this article I have mentioned 4 ways to make money online with videos

Have you considered starting a small business or "side hustle" in your spare time to supplement your income? Did you know that videos can be used to make money? Many people are in this situation. There are literally dozens upon dozens of ways that video entrepreneurs (also known as "vtreps") have discovered to not only make a part-time living from video but also to launch highly profitable full-time businesses.

And you don't need a Hollywood studio set or expensive camera equipment to be a "filmmaker." Most of the time, all you really need is a good smartphone, some free video editing software, some light, and a healthy imagination.

Do you enjoy making videos and sharing them on the internet? Why don't you start making money with your videos if that's what you enjoy doing? Right now, there are a plethora of ways for you to make money with your videos. Typically, these money-making methods entail creating interesting videos and sharing them online in order to attract more viewers and monetize the traffic that your videos generate. However, there are a variety of other video-related businesses that can be started quickly and allow you to make money with videos.


Here are 4 ways you can make money online with videos 

1. Selling Stock Footage

There are online services that sell stock footage for commercial use, similar to stock photos. Commercial video producers typically use stock videos and "b-roll" clips to finish their projects. If you can make professional videos of interesting subjects, you can sell your stock footage on those websites right away and start making money with videos. Keep in mind that if you sell stock footage through these websites, the service provider who hosts your stock footage will split revenue from all sales of your videos with you; they will host the video, handle transactions, and market their website.

You can sell stock footage directly through your own website if your videos have a specific subject or focus, such as underwater video footage. You could potentially start making money with your videos very quickly if you have a large enough audience, but for most video entrepreneurs, building a profitable market will take time.

2. Affiliate Marketing in Viral Videos

Another way to monetize videos is to create or acquire the rights to viral videos and then sell product placement or affiliate products through those videos. Viral videos are brief segments that people enjoy watching and sharing. You can make inspiring, funny, controversial, or emotional videos and share them through your social media accounts in the hopes that your social connections will comment on and share your videos with their friends, and that they will share them with their friends – but that is the difficult way; there is no guarantee a video will go viral, and you may make a hundred of them before watching one catch on and spread like wildfire.

3. Tutorial Type Of Videos

If you are a subject matter expert in a specific niche or topic, it is a good idea for you to begin creating training videos in that niche. How-to and tutorial videos assist your audience in learning more about a subject of interest as well as in solving problems. For example, if you are a fitness instructor, you can create video lessons on how to do exercises to lose weight, exercises to gain muscle, how to do certain exercises correctly, and so on.

You can sell your videos as a bundle via download or by sending them on a disc or other memory storage device, or you can sell them as a subscription service, where your clients pay a monthly or yearly fee for continued access to your videos. You can start making money with videos right now by creating and selling tutorial videos.

4. Upload Videos On Youtube

This is most likely the most common way for most video entrepreneurs to begin making money with videos. It's dead simple to set up and doesn't require a large investment in video equipment to begin:

Make a YouTube channel.


Begin regularly uploading videos to your channel.

When you start accumulating viewers and subscribers to your channel, you can sign up to monetize your videos by allowing YouTube to display ads on your videos. The more views your videos receive, the more money you will earn from those who watch or click on your video advertisements. You can start a YouTube channel today, but earnings will take a long time to accumulate unless you strike gold and create a viral video right away.

What kind of money can you make on YouTube?

This is a difficult question. The answer is similar to the music industry's landscape. YouTube stars with millions of followers, like breakout bands and artists who strike the right chord and amass an exponential fanbase, stand to make the most, easily reaching seven figures.

According to Forbes, Stevin John, the creator of the hugely popular kids' channel Blippi, earned $17 million in 2020, thanks in large part to his 8.2 billion views and 27.4 million subscribers on YouTube. That kind of success is the exception rather than the rule, but don't let that deter you.

Sean Cannell, co-author of "YouTube Secrets" and founder of the Think Media channel, recommends that new YouTubers focus on affiliate marketing as the best way to earn money right away. In a video post from 2021, he claims that with the right niche and strategy, he can earn $500 per week.



However, there is a lot of untapped potential in videos that are just starting to trend or go viral. You can find videos that are just starting to gain traction if you pay close attention to various social media channels. Find the video's source or creator and offer to split the revenue with them in exchange for placing advertisements and appropriate affiliate links. If you gain enough experience watching videos go viral, you will be able to identify videos before they start trending and learn the best ways to "assist" a great video in going viral.

Because the video's creator may not realise he or she is sitting on a gold mine, you will be able to spot opportunities to make money with videos sooner and get a better revenue split as a result of this experience.


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