Gaming, Cricket and NFTs- How do they go well with each other?
Gaming, Cricket and NFTs- How do they go well with each other?
Gaming, cricket and NFTs

If you think these three words are completely unrelated to each other, then you are wrong. As NFTs have made their way into the gaming sector, gaming developers are looking to create a healthy ecosystem for the gamers where they get to experience an unique game play and a robust gaming environment.Exploring with different themes and genres will lead to more gamers coming on board to play NFT games. 


Sports themed games 


Sports themed games have always had a special impact on the gaming community. While sports like cricket and football already have a huge fan following, leveraging these fans into sports based gaming seems to be like a fairly good idea. The traditional gaming space has plenty of games that are based on sports. But how do sports themed games work in NFT gaming. 


Gaming NFTs 


NFTs in gaming can be in-game digital assets such as weapons, game accessories etc. NFTs are also incorporated as part of the gaming mechanics or interactions. Though the core of these games are from the traditional games, NFT games are drastically different. 


Traditional games vs NFT games 


In a traditional gaming environment the rewards that you earn within the game or the in-game purchases done by the gamer stays within the game. Once a player finishes playing the game or if the game comes to an end, the rewards won or the purchases made becomes redundant. Since NFT games are built on the blockchain technology, all the elements that you find within the game has an additional value. This means that the digital assets in the game are tokenized. The gamer can sell, trade or exchange these NFT to other players within the game or outside the game as well. 


Bottom line


When cricket and gaming comes together, there’s no doubt for fun.’s Meta Cricket League NFT game is the ideal game, for players to experience an addictive game play and a fruitful cricket experience. The game has had a positive impact on both cricket fans and gamers. Meta Cricket league is the World's first play to earn game wherein gamers get to earn while playing. Effective gameplay and consistency is key for gamers to play the MCL game and go up in the leaderboard.