Zomato clone | Zomato Clone Script | Food delivery app like Zomato
Zomato clone | Zomato Clone Script |  Food delivery app like Zomato
Develop or reconstruct your food delivery service with world-class features by purchasing the Zomato clone. With intuitive designs and interface, the app comes as a ready-made structure helping you launch the business in just 48 hours.

Zomato clone | Zomato Clone Script | Food delivery app like Zomato

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Spice up your food delivery business with our well-crafted and completely customizable Zomato clone app.

Food Delivery business has brought us the comfort of food delivered to our homes with a few taps in an app. Convenience to customers’ is the key to any successful food delivery venture. Our team of experienced developers will work tirelessly to develop your Zomato clone app with alluring features to help you make a niche in the on-demand market. Get started with the top of the line Zomato clone script designed & developed by the experts today!

An array of restaurants, food outlets, and cafes in the vicinity are integrated into the app.

The food items will be displayed on the home page along with the details and customers can choose as per their choice.

Customers can add the food items to their cart and confirm the order.

The specified restaurant will receive the order request from the customer.

Customers will receive an order confirmation from the restaurant.

The nearest available delivery personnel will be dispatched to the eatery via the admin dashboard.

Customers can track their order through the in-app ‘live tracking’ feature.

The food is delivered to the customer’s location within ETA.

Customer will rate and review the food item, restaurant, and delivery personnel.

A fully-functional Zomato clone script with cutting-edge features are integrated into the app.

This feature allows the users to sign up with their mobile number and log in using OTP.

Search for restaurants, food items, and cuisines through the powerful search engines integrated into the Zomato clone app.

Customers can label a few restaurants as ‘favorites’, where they can order food items on a regular basis.

Customers can add items to the cart or remove items as they wish before confirming the order.

The customers will receive all service-related alerts regarding the order information, delivery of food, details of the delivery personnel, etc.

This feature allows customers to review and rate food items, restaurants, and delivery personnel. These ratings will help the restaurants to rank higher.

This feature supports multiple languages on the app to cover a larger user base globally.

This feature displays the status of the order placed by the customer. The status of the order changes from “On the way”, “Arrived at location”, “Delivered”, etc.

This popular feature allows the admin to give out promo codes to active or inactive users to boost the sales.

The Zomato clone app offers an array of payment options including credit/debit card or in-app digital wallets that can be used for making payments.

Create, manage, and delete specific products on the list provided by the restaurants.

The restaurants can go offline and online depending on their convenience and can start receiving orders once it comes back online.

The restaurants can choose a category to add the food items, combo offers and other customizations to the food items.

This feature allows the restaurant to track the delivery executive’s current location and the restaurants' location.

Restaurants can provide an array of offers individually designed for users depending on the order.

The restaurant can update the order status for customers ranging from confirmed order to canceled orders and more.

The restaurant can allow the customers to book the food items at any time they want and schedule it to be delivered to them at a specified time.

Restaurants earn on each order or bulk orders and track the same through the panel.

Restaurants can assign the order delivery to the delivery staff and keep track of the status in real time.

The restaurant panel can be customized and changed to the language of their choice in a hassle-free way.

The admin can view the earnings of the restaurants and the site earning through the admin dashboard.

Admin can delve into various zones under which the operations are running. The number of delivery executives in each zone will be overseen by the admin.

Admin can view, edit, delete, and add restaurants with preset individual commission rates.

The admin can change the language settings of the app to match users’ native tongue and boost easier access to the app.

The admin can update both the driver’s and rider’s app through the admin panel.

Admins can create sub-admins to manage the business with restricted access to different modules in the panel.

This feature allows for offering various add-ons to products like gift wraps, personalized messages, etc.

Admins can choose to display the latest dishes on top of the home page for easy reach.

Admin can link to the delivery personnel’s account and transfer their weekly earnings post commission deductions, hassle-free.

Once you have purchased the server, we will help you to install your Zomato clone script free of cost within a short span of time.

We strive continuously to deliver high-quality bug-free products. In the event of any critical bugs, we would act immediately and clear it for a smooth continuity of your business.

We understand the importance of your business and offer you round the clock support through any means of available communication channels.

Post-development, along with your advanced on-demand food ordering application, you will be given the complete source code.

Our seasoned team will assist you in registering any accounts or integrate 3rd party sites like an SMS gateway, payment gateway, and other support services.

You can easily place your logo, company name, and other brand customizations on the app and website. Through the admin panel, you can change the specified logo and color as you see fit.

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