World of Warcraft Arena Help
World of Warcraft Arena Help
World of Warcraft Arena Help

As you know, the arena is the highest level of PvP in World of Warcraft. After all, the arena is a real confrontation in which one mistake will give your opponent the victory. The arena is interesting, challenging, and it is the best PvP training game. Battles in the arena are very fast, with most fights ending in 20-30 seconds for beginners. For this reason, good reactions and good communication are important. You also need to think quickly and assess the situation. You can also get help in World of Warcraft game and buy a lich king 2v2 arena rating carry booster. 

How to get started in the arena

First, decide on the spekas for the arena. The arena uses different spekas than the PvE game, you'll need different talents. Arena speakeasies are often hybrid and complex. It's best to start by researching the class forums for recommended builds.

Then you need to dress in Honor gear with BG and OLO for your chosen speakeasy. It is important to gain at least 80 stability (this is before the patch 3.2, which promises to change the mechanics of stability). Dressing up, you get initial experience in PvP. For further dressing you need a rating, which you need to earn in the arena.

Then you need to find the same partner (often start with 2x2). Partner must have PvP gear and a desire to play in the arena. Often it is often advised to look at the top arena players to calculate with which class and in what speck best plays your class. But in principle you can immediately play any class, because the experience in the game you will be gaining not so fast. 

How to create an arena team

Go to Dalaran's stacks or the capital (Ogri or Storm) and look for the arena steward there. You can buy the charter for 2x2, 3x3 and 5x5 arena teams from the steward. Then choose your future teammate, activate the charter and ask him to sign it. After signing the charter give the arena manager and you will be asked to choose a team crest.

The team can have any number of players, i.e. you can then add another two players and play with them. But if you create a 2x2 team you cannot participate in 3x3 and 5x5 battles, you have to buy new charters and create new teams for them.

How to fight

In contrast to the BG, in the arena battles can only become the organizer of the arena battles in the same stocks of Dalaran or capitals. Being near the manager choose a training and ranking battle and press "Join the group" (a partner must be in the party with you).

Practice battle - this is a training session, for it does not accrue and is not removed from the arena rating. (Whether it affects the personal rating I do not know). Ie to try their forces or tactics, so as not to spoil the team rating, it is better to use training battles.

Rating battles are the most real fights, for which you accrue or withdraw personal and team rating. You will also be awarded arena points, a currency similar to honour, if you win. Get into these battles when you have nothing to lose or when you have a chance to win.

Blizzard like to change something with the rating in each new season, I'll just describe the current situation.