World Back to Work Offers Free Audits of Return-to-Work Strategy
World Back to Work Offers Free Audits of Return-to-Work Strategy
Team of experts can identify virus vulnerabilities for employers across U.S.

World Back to Work (WBTW), a mission-driven organization that is developing customized solutions to help the world’s businesses get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, today announced that it will offer free professional audits of return-to-work strategy to qualifying businesses through 2020.

WBTW aims to maximize its impact and help businesses not only reopen safely, but continue to keep their employees safe as COVID-19 continues to spike in communities across the country. Many employers are facing new and unfamiliar challenges in keeping their employees safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, and with ever-changing regulations and disease information, many have serious concerns about best practices and procedures.

Moreover, the recently expanding movement by some states to eliminate legal liability for employers is being met with strong push-back from employees and unions. The current policies are unlikely to be final, forcing employers to continue to take significant precautions. The WBTW team of experts in medical-environmental consulting, testing and lab management, software development, med-legal, procurement, remediation, human resources and client management can help identify gaps in businesses’ reopening plans and mitigate risk for both employer and employee.

WBTW offers clients a comprehensive approach to reopening, with policy and procedure creation, the “clean slate” program consisting of facility disinfection/sanitization and on-site PCR COVID testing. Entry screening services and rapid infection response services are also provided.

“We started World Back to Work to get as many employees back to work as possible, in the safest way possible,” said Rob Wright, co-founder and CEO. “Our team has expertise in every single area of concern, and we want to share that critical knowledge widely to get employees and businesses back on their feet. Employers who try to figure it out on their own face unnecessary risks and liability that can be reduced through proper planning and execution.”

WBTW is working with clients across the U.S. to get their employees back to work safely. The organization provides services to film and TV broadcast production companies, entertainment venues, multi-tenant buildings, office-based employers, manufacturers and distribution facilities, schools, religious institutions and retailers.

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