Why do we love firecrackers on Diwali?
Why do we love firecrackers on Diwali?
Diwali is not only the festival of light but also the festival of crackers. Lit this Diwali with light and crackers by ordering your branded crackers gift box from Tamil Crackers!

There is nothing more magical than lighting a few lamps to celebrate this festival of lights. But what excites us the most are the food preparation and the firecrackers, which tops all the sparks. India has been a center of fireworks culture for hundreds of years, transcending religion, caste, and gender. Diwali is not an exception to this, with firecrackers being lit to spread joy.

Several perspectives have been brought to the table during the ongoing discussion and debate over Diwali firecrackers so that we can determine how this culture began and where we stand today on this issue.

According to the sparing descriptions that exist of crackers and fireworks in medieval India, they were probably much large and expensive, meaning that mainly rulers and economically well-off citizens used them for their entertainment. Similar to other indigenous industries, India’s fireworks production and development also took a massive hit during the colonial era, with imports from Europe and China taking over the Indian market.

Diwali fireworks today began with the seeds planted in 1923 by Ayya Nadar  and   Shanmuga Nadar. Following their migration to Calcutta in search of fortune, they established a match manufacturing factory in Sivakasi after finding their fortunes working at the factory there.

In 1940, the Explosives Act was amended, making manufacturing a particular class of fireworks legal. Thus, in 1940, the Nadar brothers created the first fireworks factory in Sivakasi.

As a result of their nationwide presence in the match industry, the Nadar brothers worked hard to associate Diwali with fireworks. Since then, Sivakasi has grown into a significant fireworks industry, with 189 factories manufacturing and supplying fireworks worldwide. Fireworks and Diwali have become synonymous today, but the connection dates back to 1940.

Sivakasi  Diwali Crackers shops:

Sivakasi’s economy has diversified significantly from fireworks. As literacy rates rise and a more aspirational generation grows, locals are fewer and fewer in this industry. Making the problem of labor shortage a big problem for fireworks companies who are still manufacturing from Sivakasi. Sivakasi’s economical growth and survival are no longer dependent on fireworks.

Due to this inadequacy of labor and distribution, many of the fireworks manufacturers have shified their enterprise online.

As a result, the online market for crackers has been lucrative enough for manufacturers to expand their business even overseas. Customers shop online for crackers due to the huge sales deals and customer-friendly offers that are provided to encourage them to buy them online.

Purchasing crackers online has multiple advantages and collections compared to purchasing them offline.

During festivals like Diwali getting fireworks from a local shop means paying inflated prices and waiting until the last minute, due to the high demand. This can be avoided entirely when you buy crackers online.

Online shopping for firecrackers is very convenient, and it can help you save both effort and money. In the present, people are too lazy to go shopping and most children miss the chance to enjoy their favorite rockets from Sivakasi. Finding firecrackers is easy and convenient according to your preferences. Furthermore, high quality can be ensured by purchasing from well-known brands. It’s easy to get firecrackers from reputable brands since they deliver right to your doorstep.

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Whether it’s 1940 or today, Diwali is not complete without firecrackers. People are not just interested in doing prayers and eating sweets, but buying crackers online or offline has been part of the Indian culture today.