Why Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Very Different Investments
Why Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Very Different Investments
Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all.


  • Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all.
  • Although Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as a P2P currency system, today the narrative is a little different.
  • The narrative has now changed, and people refer to Bitcoin as “Digital Gold.”
  • Not surprisingly, many institutional investors have started buying into Bitcoin, making the supply scarce for the common investor.

Bitcoin, The Store of Value

  • Bitcoin is no longer a currency to it’s advocates, but rather a store of value like gold.
  • Practically speaking, newer wallets with one whole Bitcoin are disappearing by the hour.
  • This limited availability and mass adoption of Bitcoin, combined with huge cash flow from institutional investors has pumped prices skyhigh.
  • Experts have predicted that Bitcoin could hit a whopping $200,000 by the time this bull run ends (Est. September 2021).


  • Ethereum wasn’t supposed to be a currency system like Bitcoin.
  • However, it is outperforming Bitcoin, and fast outgrowing its status as an Altcoin.
  • Ethereum is essentially a smart contract platform, an ecosystem to build blockchain projects on.
  • This solid use case, combined with the deflationary system that it follows for Ether (ETH), and popularity, has also caught the eyes of big investors.

Ethereum — The Opportunity

  • Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin in this bull run and is gearing up to move past it’s all time high.
  • Experts have predicted that the price of Ether (ETH) could hit a tune of $10,000 by the time this bull run ends.
  • This makes Ethereum the best opportunity for people looking to make big gains, as Bitcoin becomes the more expensive option.

So, what happens after the Bull Market?

  • After any Bull market, there will be a Bear market.
  • This means that the prices could fall upto 90% after the market reaches its peak.
  • So, it’s better to always take profits as you ride the wave and not wait till the top of the hill.