What You Need to Know About Recond Car Inspections |vims-asia Best for website
What You Need to Know About Recond Car Inspections |vims-asia Best for website
What You Need to Know About Recond Car Inspections |vims-asia
Imported used cars, also known as reconditioned or recond cars in Malaysia, can be highly desirable to any driver, but it is just as important to know its true condition before making a purchase. And thankfully, our Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is equipped to conduct recond car inspections. Recon Car Inspection
Our premium, independent inspection service can be carried out on all imported used cars.        , Japan. Recon Car Check

Pros and cons of used vs new cars, plus full buying guide for second-hand  and recon cars in Malaysia -

Voluntary Inspection for Used Car Purchasing
In Malaysia, there are two main types of car inspections: mandatory inspections and voluntary inspections. Each of these types of inspections has its own unique purpose and suitability. Recon Car Inspection Specialist
Mandatory inspections are known to Malaysian drivers as those which are conducted by Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (Puspakom). The main purpose is to confirm safety and roadworthiness for commercial vehicles, so its scope of inspection is narrower and more specific to safety and compliance. This is the mandatory vehicle inspection all Malaysian commercial vehicles undergo. Vehicle Inspection Specialist
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VIMS is an innovative inspection system powered by AIS, complemented by ATL and enhanced by CitNOW. Car Inspection
VIMS comprises two analyses – Visual Analysis (VA) and Diagnostic Analysis (DA). The VA covers the exterior and interior of the vehicle, whilst the DA is conducted using an On-Board Diagnostic 2 (OBD2)  Vehicle Inspection device to inspect the electronic aspects. Together, VIMS encompasses a comprehensive, over 1,000-point inspection, all of which takes just 60 minutes to complete. Toyota Alphard Inspection
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