What types of apps can be built with flutter?
What types of apps can be built with flutter?
What types of apps can be built with flutter?

Cross-platform programming toolkits are gaining popularity among programmers. Some of the reasons why these cross-platform app development frameworks are gaining traction are reusable UI blocks, reactive performance, and code usability across various platforms. Flutter by Google is one such popular framework for mobile app development.

When it comes to mobile apps, using Flutter is warranted in many circumstances because it has various advantages. Developers can use a hot-reload mechanism to make changes in real time. Flutter's Material Design widgets are used to create aesthetically stunning mobile apps. The performance, logical architecture, and detailed documentation of this open-source framework have all been lauded. Flutter is frequently recommended as a cross-platform tool for developing iOS and Android apps due to its efficiency and effectiveness.Built your app, with the best flutter app development company.


What is Dart?

Dart is a Google-created open-source, object-oriented, multi-platform programming language that was introduced in 2011. Because of its universality and robust features, it has become one of the most popular tools for developing mobile apps, as well as web and desktop software. Flutter apps are written in the Dart programming language. This language supports both AOT and JIT compilation, giving developers a choice when creating Flutter apps.


Apps built with Flutter



Reflectly is an artificial intelligence-powered journal and mindfulness tool. This Flutter app allows users to write tales in a personal journal, receive a new set of questions every day to reflect on the day, and access advanced statistics and personal, actionable insights, all while being presented in a lovely interface.


2.Ebay Motors

Flutter is used in one of the items from a large shopping platform. Users can use their smartphones to sell and buy cars with this software. They may browse the offerings, create adverts, and bid for the cars they want with just a few taps.

The major obstacle that the eBay engineering team had to overcome was a lack of time — they only had a year to get their product to market. They also wanted an attractive user experience that included all of the capabilities that eBay users are familiar with. They came across Flutter in its 1.0 edition and believed it would be ideal for their needs. The key benefits included essentially little platform-specific code, quick programming, and a fantastic user interface.


3.Google Ads

On an Android smartphone, the Google Ads app allows users to monitor campaign statistics. The app displays campaign details such as real-time alerts and notifications, as well as the ability to contact a Google expert, act on campaign improvement ideas, add/edit/remove keywords, and more.



Using Flutter, a developer team from Xianyu , Alibaba Group's second largest retail platform, produced an app. It has been downloaded over 50 million times and has over 10 million daily active users. Flutter was chosen to reduce time since it allowed them to design and maintain the app with a single codebase.

Alibaba had a ready-to-use app. That's why they started by integrating Flutter features one at a time, gradually adding more functionalities based on the framework.


5.Birch Finance

Birch Finance is a credit card rewards program that helps users manage and maximize their current credit cards. The app allows users to pick the right card for them (based on their spending habits), track spending across all accounts, and earn and redeem rewards in a variety of ways.


6.The New York Times

Google announced in 2019 that Flutter would enable programmers to create desktop and web apps. At the same time, the New York Times made their KENKEN game available on the web. It was created with Flutter, which comes as no surprise.


7.Hamilton Musical

The official app for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton is powered by Flutter. Daily lotteries for New York, Chicago, London, and tour sites, daily trivia game, retail store (to purchase products from the official Hamilton store), and more are included in the app.


8.Flydirekt App

This software allows you to search for direct flights all over the world. It also shows weather forecasts for a specific location as well as load estimates in real time. It's simple to choose the best flight option using this app, which considers routes, weather conditions, and plane seat availability.


9.NuBank Flutter App

Another Flutter software project that benefited from the framework's scalability is a financial software solution. NuBank is promoting itself as a mobile-first Fintech company, and they began by developing native apps. They chose Flutter for their digital savings account app because it was a productive framework that would make the project more efficient.


10.Toughest App

You can use this software to help you prepare for a job interview. There are also brain workouts included. When it comes to preparing for a conversation with a possible employer, having a list of questions and responses organized into categories might be helpful. According to the authors, utilizing this program will prepare you for 90% of the most popular recruitment questions.


Wrapping Up


The app examples above demonstrate that Flutter has the ability to construct mobile apps of any size, concept, category, or content kind. If you have an app concept that this incredible technology can help you realize, talk to our specialists about getting started with a flutter development company.