What Surgeons Consider When Planning Hair Surgery?
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and it is important that you should choose the best surgeon to have the best results of the surgery, you can also go for Avenues Cosmetic Clinic as it is one of the best hair transplant clinics having the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In India, so visit the clinic now and book your appointment.

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What is the best thing to do when youface hair loss? It is best to go to visit a hair specialist right? Ahair specialist or a hair surgeon provides you best recommendationregarding the care of your hair. Hair transplant is considered as thebest treatment for getting rid of hair loss or baldness, it is theonly treatment which provides new and natural growth of hair at theplace baldness, but for this, you need to choose the best hairtransplant surgeon, who will provide you the best results of yoursurgery. Have you ever thought about what are the things that yoursurgeon considered while planning your surgery? Maybe you do not, soreadout this article in which Best Hair Transplant Doctor In India at AvenuesCosmetic Clinic is explainingabout it.

Letus first know what a hair transplant is.

WhatIs A Hair Transplant?

Ahair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon removeshair grafts from the backside of the scalp which contains thick hairsand then transplants them to the bald area of the scalp. There aretwo processes to perform this treatment that are follicular unittransplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), Boththese methods are effective but it is best to let the surgeon decidethe best method.

WhatSurgeons Consider When Planning Hair Surgery?

Thereare multiple things which a surgeon does while performing yoursurgery, some of them are.

  • Consulting And Analysing The Patient

Firstly the surgeon sets the consultationof the patient and then analyzes each and everything related to thesurgery like the past medical history, he also performs several teststo check the health of the patient like blood test and more. Afterthis, he checks the donor hair availability and also checks thenumber of grafts required for the surgery.

  • Deciding The Suitable Method

As discussed above, there are two methodsof performing a hair transplant that is FUT and FUE, the surgeonneeds to analyze the patients and the best suitable method which cantrigger maximum growth of hair for the patient.

  • Checking The Equipments Before The Surgery

If the surgeon sees that the patient isready to get the hair transplant surgery than he provides him a dateand then checks the equipment and surgery room to maintain theaccuracy of the surgery, not all the doctors follow this step, butAvenues Cosmetic Clinic hasthe best hair transplant doctor in India who believes in providingyou the best surgery and thus maintains the best and hygienicequipments.

  • Calculating the cost of hair transplant

Cost is the most important element in hairtransplant surgery and there are many elements on which the cost ofhair transplant depends, like the number of grafts needed, the areaof baldness and a lot more. So the surgeon calculates the price of ahair transplant and lets you know the exact details about it beforethe surgery.


Hairtransplant is a surgical procedure and it is important that youshould choose the best surgeon to have the best results of thesurgery, you can also go for AvenuesCosmetic Clinic as it is one ofthe best hair transplant clinics having the BestHair Transplant Surgeon In India,so visit the clinic nowand book your appointment.