What is shotcrete and when is it used?
What is shotcrete and when is it used?
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The application's impact helps to solidify the concrete. Despite the fact that shotcrete's hardened properties are similar to conservative cast-in-site concrete, the nature of the settlement process results in an excellent bond with most substrates and quick capabilities, especially on composite forms or shapes. It has shown to be the most effective approach for creating curved surfaces. With the development of shotcrete technology, tunnel linings and domes are now considerably easier to construct. Shotcrete requires less formwork and might be less expensive than regular concrete placement. A wet-mix or dry-mix procedure is used to apply it. All components are mixed with water before being introduced into the delivery hose in the wet-mix shotcrete process. Water is added to the fusion at the nozzle during the dry-mix process. It is excellent for curved and thin elements and is utilised in repairs and new construction.


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