WHat is Hacker Inc?
WHat is Hacker Inc?
WHat is Hacker Inc?

What is Hacker Inc

What is Hacker Inc ?


What is Hacker Inc? Hacker Inc is a company established to build, and manage the online reputations of individuals and companies alike.  Oftentimes clients will hire Hacker Inc to tarnish reputations, or suppress competitors from infringing on their bottom line. 

It seems there are a few companies out there that use the name, maybe to attract attention or seem more “cyber”. This is flattery at its finest. What is a hacker anyway? A hacker is known to be someone who dismantles and reconfigures computer systems or processes in order to benefit themselves. Many times hackers are hired by others to perform actions that may or may not be legal. The illegal activities are normally carried out by Black Hat Hackers.


Hacker Inc takes part in Black Hat activities, with White Hat charm. 


The services offered by Hacker Inc are listed here, but are not limited to, and can be customized for the benefit of its clients:


SEO | Search Engine Optimization


Competitor Suppression


Online Reputation Management


Remote Access to Devices and Systems


Political Motives and Influencing


For instance, clients call us when the government has wronged them, when judges, lawyers and cops are corrupting their environment, when someone has tried to claim something against them that has clearly proven to be false. These are only examples. Hacker Inc is responsible for forcing people off the grid and back onto it. What is your desire? 


If you believe Hacker Inc can be a benefit to you or your company, feel free to connect with us here.

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