What is a mobile VPN and what is its use
The first thing we need to know, although many readers will already have an idea, is what a VPN is.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way for a device to connect to the Internet through a third party. The mobile phone, in this case, is virtually connected to the destination network. In addition, all data is encrypted, so we gain security thanks to a mobile VPN.


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Mobile VPN

This is very useful especially if we are going to connect to a public WiFi network. We have recently seen that this involves certain risks and that precautions must be taken. There are times when the network in question is unreliable, it may be open or in a busy place such as an airport or shopping centre.

In these cases, connecting to a mobile VPN will increase security. This way nobody can read the data we transfer, as it is encrypted. Furthermore, it is essential to use the best possible VPN network to get the best performance. There is no fear of opening personal accounts or sending and receiving sensitive information that we would not want to fall into the hands of others.

Also, and this is something very interesting for many users, is that we can make our mobile virtually elsewhere. With this we manage to bypass the restrictions in certain countries. For example, in China they don't allow us to connect to sites like Facebook. With a mobile VPN we could bypass this restriction.

Very useful, therefore, for those users who travel to countries where there is no freedom on the Internet or where they don't even want to get into trouble, as there have been cases in places like Saudi Arabia of heavy fines and even prison for simply putting a message on the networks.

In addition to personal and occasional use, a mobile VPN is widely used at the enterprise level. We can be anywhere, even more so in these times when teleworking and moving around the world is very normal. With this we can achieve access to the office servers, in a secure way.

How to get a VPN

We can configure our VPN for mobile or use one of the many applications that exist. It is true that in the latter case we must be careful, since it is the application itself that encrypts the information and we must be sure of its operation

While this may vary on each device, in general on an Android phone you can just go to Settings, Networking Options (more) and press VPN. Here we will have to configure the different data that they ask us, according to the provider, etc. Once it's ready we can connect with a user and password that we can save so that it doesn't ask for it another time and speed up the process.

Thanks to this we can connect to insecure networks or we are not sure of their origin, and thus make our data travel through another network of our confidence and not put at risk our security. We can also bypass restrictions in other countries to use services such as Netflix, for example.