What are the Top Ten Projects Which Will Fetch You Good Marks in Electrical Engineering?
What are the Top Ten Projects Which Will Fetch You Good Marks in Electrical Engineering?
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What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is a branch discipline of engineering which deals with electricity and magnetism. It became a full-fledged branch of study by the second half of 19th century. It takes into consideration the study of production, distribution, and maintenance of electricity. Electricity is incomplete without magnetism and electronics. Electrical engineering has been sub-divided into several sub-disciplines like electronics, computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, microelectronics, and robotics.

What are the top ten projects which will fetch you good marks?

1) GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication): This system is mostly used for mobile phones. But in this project, monitoring, and control of substations, is taken through GSM remotely. 

2) Smoke and Fire Detectors: Engineering can be used to protect environment also. This project aims at installing smoke and fire detectors in forests. These can detect slightest of fires and send the message to the firefighting systems so that they are turned on automatically. 

3) Home Automation Systems: This project aims at creating a user-friendly application through people can control their appliances remotely.

4) Solar Power Systems: Solar systems are not very efficient and still a large cost is incurred to install them. This project aims at maximizing power output by minimizing panels.

5) Traffic Control Systems: This project helps to improve traffic control systems. You can use PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and SCADA HMI to control the routes and traffic lights.

6) Power Management Systems: Managing power in industries through ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) and ZCS (Zero Current Switching) is the main aim of this Project.

7) Speed Management Systems: These can be applied to manage speed by a closed-loop system and using PWM signals. A keypad should be provided to enter the desired speed.

8) Energy Efficient Home Luxury Systems: Monitoring energy-efficient systems at home like switching on the lights when a person enters and switching off when he or she leaves the room.

9) Arduino Home Control Systems: Arduino development board aims at controlling lights and air-conditioning system via an application and Bluetooth. The board analyzes command from the users. It will control the load on the appliances through Opt-isolators cum TRAIC arrangements.

10) Efficient Start ups: Making efficient start up procedures for motors can render them less expensive. Using silicon rectifiers reduces the starting current so that their start up will become smooth and the motor becomes less expensive.

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