Ways Your Smartphone Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Health
Ways Your Smartphone Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Health
In the twenty-first century, avoiding cell phones is as simple as walking between raindrops — which is to say, it isn't. There's a good probability that your phone is nearby or in your hand while you read this.


The advancement of the cell phone has grown to the point where the entire globe can be found in the palm of your hand, only a swipe or tap away. Though having unlimited access to information, communication, and entertainment at any time is handy, it is also more harmful than you may think.

Exposure to bacteria and germs

A 2017 research discovered significant amounts of bacterial contamination on the surface of cell phones. Consider everything you contact in a day and how frequently germs might be transferred onto your phone. According to Time magazine, your phone might be 10 times dirty than your toilet seat.

According to one research, one out of every six phones has E. coli germs on it, most likely because they didn't wash their hands properly. On the other side, it's a hard surface, which makes it difficult for bacteria to survive. Still, it's probably a good idea to clean things up now.

Text neck syndrome

Too much time spent staring down at your phone might create neck muscular tension, stiffness or spasms. You may also have nerve discomfort in your back, shoulder, and down your arm. Take at least 20-minute rests to stretch and arch your back.

Avoid hunching forward. It also helps to hold your phone higher up when texting. Yoga or Pilates posture exercises will help you keep strong and avoid neck problems.

Texting and driving

Simply do not do it. Sending a text message requires 5 seconds of your time. That seems to happen so quickly. However, it is not without risk. At 55 mph, your automobile travels the length of a football field, which is more than enough distance to cause a severe car accident. Scientists estimate that you are up to 23 times more likely to crash. And the danger exists whether you type or "voice text."

Night surfing

After the sun goes down, too much light can disrupt your sleep, which has been related to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other health issues. And the "blue light" emitted by your smartphone is extremely harmful. For better sleep, keep your bedroom dark. Getting plenty of natural light during the day might also enhance your overnight sleep.

Trigger thumb

When you try to straighten your thumb, it either becomes stuck in a crooked position or pops. This pop might be excruciating. It happens when the sheath around your thumb tendon hardens, making it difficult for the tendon to slide. 

Trigger thumb might develop as a result of excessive texting or typing on a cellphone, or just holding a smartphone too near to the body. As part of the therapy, you should limit your use of mobile devices.

Cubital tunnel syndrome

The ulnar nerve at your elbow might be irritated if you lean on your elbows to text or bend them to hold the phone to your ear. This can result in the ring and little finger numbness and tingling, as well as pain on the inside of the elbow or forearm. 

On hard surfaces, use a cushion to protect your elbow. Don't bend your elbow for too long. Take pauses to rotate your arms in various directions. A night splint to keep your arm straight may also be beneficial.


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