Treo Launches Work-From-Anywhere Employee Wellness Benefit
Treo Launches Work-From-Anywhere Employee Wellness Benefit
Treo Wellness, a division of Johnson Health Tech North America, has announced the launch of a work-from-anywhere employee wellness benefit.

Treo Wellness, a division of Johnson Health Tech North America, has announced the launch of a work-from-anywhere employee wellness benefit. Treo Wellness is now offering an affordable turnkey program that enhances the health culture and wellness resources for small to mid-sized employers no matter where their employees are working.

“Digital technology is reshaping every industry, including employee wellness.” said Nathan Pyles, Treo co-founder. “Employee wellness benefits were already in transition when COVID-19 accelerated the need for effective programs accessible by all employees whether they are in the office, at a jobsite, or working from home.”

The top differentiating factors of any high-performance organization are the level of talent, wellbeing, and engagement of their team.  Employee-first organizations adopt proactive wellness programs when enhancing employee wellbeing is aligned with the values of the organization. Participating employees and their families gain an improved sense of health and wellbeing that energizes and invigorates their lives.

Treo’s proactive wellness benefit provides digital tools and remote live coaching that assists employees in elevating their daily quality of life.  “We all know lifestyle changes can be challenging,” said Karlie Intlekofer, PhD and Treo co-founder. “The timely support and encouragement from a dedicated coach is key. Our coaches’ role is to be the bridge that helps people get from where they are to where they want to be on their path to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.”

Treo’s work-from-anywhere solution is highly personalized and designed to support employees through the process of sustainable habit formation. Coaching is done remotely using the participants preferred method of communication – video conference, phone, or text messaging. The experience is gamified by tracking adherence to those healthy habits most important to each participant.

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