Top Trends Features & Types in healthcare apps
Top Trends Features & Types in healthcare apps
Trends like machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with blockchain, are right now in the healthcare mobile app development industry.

Top features in healthcare apps for 2021


Healthcare apps have been made for people who are very conscious about their bodies and health in general. There are certain features that have become the normal for every healthcare app out there being developed.

These features are something that has been under constant security in previous years and should be sought out if you are looking to use one in the near future.

  • Simple Registration and login : Registration and login are the first interactions that your users will have with your app. You may need to make a good impression first. Users should have a seamless registration process. For example, you need personal information such as email, full name or mobile phone number. The fewer number and fields of steps needed, the simpler it is for users and you may always gather more user information at a later stage of app use.

  • Medicine counting feature – that permits patients to accurately measure their medicine intake and take just the right amount every single time.

  • Video conferencing features that have telemedicine capabilities with doctors – permit patients to have a certain level of confidence in their prescriptions.

  • Customized reminders and notification– this is the best feature that you must have on the healthcare app. Patients can set their reminders for doctor’s appointments and other medicine schedules to appoint them exact reminders on your mobile phone. This helps patients keep details of their time and perform their medical rituals accordingly.

  • Features that permits people to get an e-prescription – this may allow doctors to generate and send prescriptions to their patients with any and all nuances efficiently and easily.

  • A feature that permits you to share your progress with your friends, family or even your doctor – this gives and motivates patients to keep checking in with what they are doing and whether it is working out for them. It also ensure that they always take steps to achieve them in some way or the other.

  • Diagnosing and checking and the patient using symptoms – If you are into healthcare mobile app development, you must have a feature that allows patients to know what the problem is by entering their features into the app.

  • Communication in the form of messaging or chat with doctors – This feature is important because, in this way, patients may easily communicate with their doctors and vice versa.

  • Staff Management : Telemedicine solutions are designed not only for physicians and patients but for hospital management as well. Additional features such as employees’ schedules, reviews, and health records permit improving the efficiency of staff. One of the examples is the  app which simplifies hiring and managing pharmacies.

  • Real-Time Updates : Real-time updates are main thing in healthcare. Data needs to be completely updated as patients' health changes.

  • Patient Privacy Features: Patient Privacy is one of the best feature for any app that collects user data, but this is important when it comes to healthcare. Privacy is one of the best healthcare mobile apps features for patients.

Medical information needs to be manage with care. No multiple rules and regulations that developers need to work around, but you should have to win the trust of users and also prove them that they may trust you with their data. Modern telehealth app must comply with American Telemedicine standards, HIPAA, HL7 and GDPR.

  • Messaging : Messaging is the best solution to providing quick care to patients. Doctors and patients are able to interact with each another will help not only build trust between the patient and doctor when the patient is outside of a healthcare facility. It will also build trust between the user and you, the app provider.

  • Progress Tracking : Patient progress is one of the best feature for many healthcare apps. For example, doctors may want to be able to review the diet, heart rate or of their blood pressure of their patient so they keep an eye on patient vitals and health. If you are developing a fitness or sports app, progress tracking will appeal to your users. Permit them to monitor their own progress.

  • Notifications : Notifications are an essential feature because it reminds for doctors visits or when to take medication will be very helpful to users. App uninstalls happen because of excessive notifications. We have to sure that the notifications you send do not become an annoyance, but rather are solely there to provide users with the information they need.

  • Cross Device Accessibility : It is necessary to think about the device that your audience will be using it on. Therefore, a must-have feature for Health apps is to be available on both Android and iOS.

  • Payment Integration : A healthcare app should have payment integration. Offering Mastercard or Visa or credit card payments, or payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe make paying bills simple for users and collecting payments easy for healthcare professionals.

Types of healthcare apps in 2021


There are many healthcare apps that are being developed every week around the world. And, not all healthcare apps are the same. Hence, in order to take a proper perspective of the types of healthcare apps, they may be divided into two categories:

Professional apps

  1. Clinical assistance and appointment apps

  2. Patient medical tracking apps

  3. Medical database and reference apps

  4. Telehealth mobile apps, also known as doctor-on-demand apps

Healthcare apps for patients

  1. Healthy lifestyle apps

  2. Reminder apps for patients with medical conditions

  3. Patient medical education apps

  4. Monitoring apps for patients with chronic and terminal conditions

  5. Apps for patients who need immediate medical assistance



 Hence, these are some of the top features and trends, and types of healthcare apps that you may get on the market right now. Trends like machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with blockchain, are right now in the healthcare mobile app development industry.

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