Top Decor Paper Manufacturer In China
Top Decor Paper Manufacturer In China
The article talks about Top Decor Paper Manufacturer In China

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The Europe decor paper market accounts for 29.2% of the global market share in 2022. Rising preference for designer furniture and increasing lifestyle trends in this region are expected to majorly guide decor paper shipments over the forecast period. Rapid urbanization and rising per capita disposable income of the population in regions of East Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific are expected to majorly boost demand for decor paper in these regions. Changing lifestyle trends are expected to propel sales of decor paper for furniture. Economies such as India and China are anticipated to be at the forefront in terms of demand from these regions.


Expanding penetration of specialty paper is a key trend spurring launch of different types of decor paper. The growing demand for high quality decorative papers for the production of laminate flooring is a key trend boosting the prospects of the market. Moreover, strides being made in residential renovation and furnishing have spurred the use of decor paper. In particular, wooden laminate flooring seems to gather tremendous popularity among residential consumer segments.


M-THIN-MV collection is made of 4 solid color low basis weight pre-impregnated papers for finish foil applications which are not exposed to extreme surface wear, such as inside and backside of drawers, cupboards or wall and ceiling panels. Pre-impregnated papers enjoy a steady demand growth and we expect this increasing trend to continue, since finish foils perfectly support efficient and sustainable furniture manufacturing. As the innovation leader in the production of formaldehyde-free pre-impregnated foil base papers we are planning further investments.



Decor paper consumption across the world is anticipated to rise at a high CAGR of 5.5% from 2022 to 2027. What Opportunities Could Decor Paper Manufacturers Cash In On? Urbanization has increased substantially across the world and this factor has had a substantial effect on sales of decor paper. Increasing demand for visually appealing products has been propelled by increasing urbanization and changing lifestyle trends on a global scale. Framed paper flower wall decor and home decorating paper is expected to see high demand as the population adopts a better and more luxurious lifestyle.