Top 7 spoken languages in the world
Top 7 spoken languages in the world
Language is the way of communication in life and reflects people’s culture. The world speaks 6,500 languages in the world today and this emphasizes the high number of spoken languages. This article will tackle only the top 7 spoken languages that most people talk.

The first spoken language in the world is  Mandarin Chinese and the number of speakers is 1.1 billion speakers including897 million as native speakers and 193 million as non-native speakers. This language is spoken in China which is considered one of the top population countries in the world. The rest of the world can't speak or use this language in their communication constituting a point of weakness in their way of traveling or investment.

The second language is English as the professional language of learning, business, and official institutions. 983million is the number of English speakers in the world; 371 million speak English as their native language while 611 million speak English as non-native speakers. English is the formal language in the world and the language of books, newspapers, the internet...etc. 

 The third language is Hindustani spoken by 544million. Unlike English, this language isn't commonly used in writing or learning. It is limited to the people of the country while it is known globally.

Another language that can follow this language is Spanish and it is the fourth top spoken language in the globe. The number of its speakers is 527 million making it a common language used in daily conversations.

The fifth spoken language is Arabic as the language of Islam and most people speak this language in the Arabian Peninsula. More than 422 persons speak this language; 290 million persons are native speakers and 132 million persons are non- native speakers. Most of the ancient books are written in Arabic and it is considered the main language in many countries like Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia…etc.

The sixth language is Malay as the spoken language in Peninsula, eastern Sumatra of Indonesia and coastal Borneo, as well as the smaller islands which lie between these locations. This language is spoken by 281 million speakers while 77 million speaks like a native language and 204 million speaks as non- natives.

However, Russian comes in the seventh position as a spoken language globally. More than 266 million speakers speak this language. Also, Russian is used in the formal capacity in the post-Sovietnation-states, as well as in Israel and Mongolia.

There are more than the above mentioned languages in the world, these languages are the 7  top spoken languages in the whole world. In this regard, translation plays a main role as it is the bridge among these languages. Travel is considered our favorite habit while it requires essential measurements to facilitate the way to another country. The essential measurements are like translating the official documents to the language of the other country. You can find a certified office like legal Translation Dubai to translate the official documents from any language into another at any time in Dubai.

To conclude, the world is huge and each one has its own language to communicate. The above-mentioned languages are commonly used in daily conversation among people . you can know about the 5 oldest languages also to compare.