Top 5 reasons to combine your SEO with Machine Learning
EO is the backbone of digital marketing and its integration of machine learning

EO is the backbone of digital marketing and its integration of machine learning is making it stronger. Here are the top 5 reasons to empower your SEO with ML

Being under a lockdown makes you appreciate all the little things in life that you used to witness in everyday scenarios. You start to miss even the situations that probably instilled irritation such as traffic. Remember how being in the middle for a jam you looked at maps and wished you would have checked them before taking the particular route? Always happened to me! Well, those revelations about where there’s high traffic and which would be the fastest route are based on machine learning technology. It makes use of real-time as well as historic data to provide you with recommendations for the best way to reach a spot. Machine Learning is now also being used for SEO marketing. The neural networks and deep learning that are a part of machine learning applications are a great source to enhance the overall process of search engine optimization According to Think with Google, 66% of marketing leaders agree automation and machine learning will enable their team to focus more on strategic marketing activities. 

The total funding allocated to machine learning worldwide during the first quarter of 2019 was $28.5 billion, states finacesonline.

There are marketers out there that are still unaware of the wonders that AI and machine learning can do for their organic traffic building.

Data science and machine learning combined with SEO can get you clean and churned results for increasing your Click Through Ratio.

The question arises how can SEO with machine learning algorithms be utilized to achieve outstanding outcomes? And more importantly, why should this combination be put in place to start with?

Let us look at the top 5 reasons why combining your SEO with machine learning is a good idea.