Things to avoid while writing an assignment
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Things to avoid while writing an assignment

Things to avoid while writing an assignment 

Several mistakes could be made by people while they try to write an assignment. The common mistakes are normally made by students. Due to these mistakes, the evaluator of the paper might not be impressed and he might tend to reward very less marks to the student. Therefore, it is always necessary to get the highest possible score for the assignment. One of the important methods of scoring the highest possible grade can be through proper and efficient research that will lead to the writing of the best essay possible. 

Some of the common mistakes can be listed down which might degrade the score of the student. The students must try to avoid these mistakes and understand the cruciality of each of these mistakes.


  1. Lack of proofreading before the submission of the assignment

The students must take the initiative of proofreading and editing the entire assignment before submitting it for evaluation. The project instructions must be thoroughly read and must be tallied with the entire project before submission. The students should make sure that they have read and followed all the project decryptions that have been provided by the instructor. This is the area where most of the students make the mistake. The students fail to review their papers properly and were unable to deliver the correct paper to their lecturers. The papers which are not reviewed properly contain major mistakes which are often overlooked by the student but bring out less marks in their hands. Therefore, it is always necessary for a student to start reviewing his or her assignment before submitting it to the lecturer in order to get the best possible score. 

2) Poorly constructed paragraphs 

Most of the students make the mistake of writing poor paragraphs for their assignments. But it is always necessary to write correct and properly constructed paragraphs for the assignments. Generally, each paragraph of the assignment should support a central idea and the other paragraphs should elongate the central idea of the main paragraph. In case the student has many issues with the topic in the paper, the student can split the ideas in two or more paragraphs. This would help in explaining the concept of the idea in details and would be also be convenient for the evaluator to evaluate the paper. Through the splitting up of the paragraphs, it would also be easy for the student to present his idea as the idea will be presented in parts. This would also help the student in getting the best possible score for his assignment. 

3) Lack of a properly constructed Introduction 

It is always necessary for a student to clearly introduce his assignment. The introductory paragraphs should briefly introduce the topic chosen for the assignment. By going through the introduction, the evaluator should be able understand what is intended to be written in the body of the assignment. Sometimes, the introductory paragraph can contain the background or the history of the chosen topic. Most of the students fail to understand the meaning of the introductory paragraph and fail to tackle them properly. This makes it hard for the students to score better marks in the assignments. The students who are looking for good scores should start their assignment by providing a clear introduction. After the students have researched all the online resources, they should clear out their ideas regarding the topic. After that, they must arrange the ideas in order to form a meaning. The introduction should be written with properly sequenced ideas for the purpose of scoring good marks. 

4) Incorrect Reference material

The student is required to use different kinds of referencing for separate assignments. Therefore, it is needed that the student understands the strict rules of the referencing and adheres to them. The assignment instructions, which contain all the descriptions regarding the types of referencing, should be properly read before starting the assignment. Generally, references include different published papers, scholarly materials, journals, articles and many other literary articles. It is also required to double-check all the referencing details after the completion of the paper. Simple details must also be taken care of and reviewed properly at the end of the paper. The type of reference as required by the paper must be carefully tallied with the instructions. The number of references should also be checked at the end of the assignment. With accurate referencing, it will always be easier for the student to score highest possible marks in the assignment. 

5) Inappropriate Conclusion

Conclusion is a very important part of an assignment help as it is always necessary for the reader to understand that the paper is going to end. If the conclusion is not written appropriately, the reader might not understand the end of the paper. The lecturer must know that the paper has been completed through the brief conclusion at the end of the paper, in order to award marks properly. Normally, a conclusion contains a brief summary of the entire paper, highlighting the important points covered in the paper. This would help the lecturer to have a brief brush-up of all the important points of the chosen topic. This would create a unique impression in the mind of the lecturer that the student has been able to handle the topic efficiently from body to conclusion. Apart from the conclusion, the student also needs to make sure that the body of the assignment is well structured and properly presented. 

6) Lack of detailed research 

Most of the students are reluctant in doing a thorough research and help for assignments. This is because they keep their work pending until the last day of submission. At the last moment, the students randomly choose a topic from the internet and provide a normal paper on the topic without detailed research of the topic. The study is not done properly by the students and therefore, the paper never fetches good score to them. It is always required by the students that they take these assignments very seriously and provide a well-researched paper which would have at least ten sourced materials. This would also help them in completing the information provided in the paper that will be properly investigated. A proper investigation is required for setting up a strong thesis statement for the paper. Keeping account of all these factors, the student would be able to score higher grade in the papers. 

7) Lack of relevant data to support the arguments

The paper must be well supported with data in order to support the concepts and theories mentioned in the paper. This is mainly applicable for the papers, which are quantitative in nature. The presence of data confirms the authenticity of the information provided in the paper. Facts and figures always helps in making the content strong and also helps the readers the validate the mentioned points. Usage of statistics enhances the quality of the paper though it is always required to mention the source of the collected data. This will help the evaluator to verify the authenticity of the facts and figures from the reliable sources. This also highlights the dedication, time and effort of the student in preparing his or her assignment. This creates a good impression in the mind of the evaluator and the student is likely to be awarded better score.