The most Common Uses of Carbon Black
The most Common Uses of Carbon Black
Carbon Black

Carbon black is most often used as a pigment and reinforcing phase in vehicle tyres (70 percent). Carbon black also serves to channel heat away from the tire's tread and belt region, decreasing thermal damage and extending tyre life. Belts, hoses, and other non-tire rubber items account for around 20% of global manufacturing. The remaining pigment is mostly utilised in inks, coatings, and polymers.

Carbon black is added to polypropylene to absorb UV light, which would otherwise damage the polymer. Some radar absorbent materials, photocopier and laser printer toner, and other inks and paints include carbon black particles. Carbon Black great tinting strength and durability have allowed it to be utilised in the colouring of resins and films.[5] Carbon black has been employed in a variety of electrical applications. Carbon black is used as a filler in plastics, elastomers, films, adhesives, and paints. It is also utilised as an antistatic additive agent in automotive gasoline caps and pipelines.

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