The Importance of Teamwork During a Crisis
The Importance of Teamwork During a Crisis
Learn strategies to keep your publishing team moving forward during times of crisis.

During these times of crisis, it’s essential to keep yourself and your team moving forward. Find out how to stay calm and inspire confidence throughout your publishing company during these times of uncertainty.

Overcoming Telecommuting Difficulties

One of the greatest challenges currently facing businesses is to remain connected during this time of social distancing. If your company has embraced a telecommuting strategy that isn’t part of your normal workday, it can be difficult to retain a sense of normalcy. Here are some successful strategies to move forward with your publishing business:

  • Be transparent
  • Improve morale
  • Remain flexible

Transparency shows your customers and clients that you are working through this crisis one step at a time with care. Whether you’re dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis or preparing for a future time of financial or social uncertainty, transparency, confidence, and flexibility will go a long way in creating a successful business model.

Inspiring Confidence

Confidence is a key ingredient to success during uncertainty. Your employees and customers are looking to you to set the tone during this unusual time. Be sure you make it clear that you are taking safety measures but still plan on growing your business in safe, responsible steps.

Depending on your particular services, your customers and employees may be uncertain about how your business handles state and federal recommendations during a particular crisis. The coronavirus crisis affects many businesses, states, and individuals in different ways, so maintain a confident sense of leadership as you navigate this and any other future crisis.

Remaining Calm and Flexible

When uncertainty is met with panic and worry, it can create an unproductive situation. Stay flexible with the latest communication software. Some of your employees may have all the necessary skills needed for work in an office environment but may face challenges as a telecommuter.