the evolution of 247 creative gold coast
the evolution of 247 creative gold coast
the evolution of 247 creative gold coast

Data-backed insights on featured snippet optimization

Around one-fifth of all keywords set off a featured bit

99 percent of all included bits tend to appear within the first natural position and take over 50% of the screen on mobile devices, driving higher-than-average click-through rates (CTR).

The key to included bit optimization depends on a few specific locations: long-tail- and question-like keyword method, date marked content that comes at the best length and format, and a succinct URL structure.

Google has always been pretty hazy on any details about winning featured bits. This held true when they were initially presented, making them something companies thought about to be the cherry on top of their SEO efforts, which is still mostly the case. Having first-hand knowledge about the value and power of highlighted snippets, Brado coordinated with Semrush to carry out the most comprehensive research study around included bit optimization to reveal how they really work, and what you can do to win them.

Revealing the highlights from an Included bits study that evaluated over a million SERPs with highlighted bits present, this post unwraps actionable ideas on amping up your optimization technique to lastly win that Google prize.

General patterns throughout the featured bit landscape.

With billions of search questions go through the Google search box each day, our study found that around 19 percent of keywords trigger a More help featured