Telemedicine: The Future of Cost-Effective, Convenient Health Care
Telemedicine: The Future of Cost-Effective, Convenient Health Care
With four locations serving Dallas and Fort Worth, CityDoc Urgent Care is ready to care for your family's healthcare needs.

Children going to college, visiting friends and relatives, taking a vacation, traveling for business, there are many occasions where it is impractical or impossible to get in touch with your primary care physician if you feel sick.

That is the time when you think there must be a better way. Telemedicine is a more convenient, affordable way to access the care you need when and where you need it. It does not substitute your primary care physician but complements it, giving you access to healthcare on your terms.

When should you use a Telemedicine service?

  • Anytime you have a non-emergency medical problem
  • When you can't contact your primary care physician
  • When it's after the doctor's regular hours of operation
  • If you can't make it to the doctor's office due to weather or a remote location
  • When you have young children, and you're unable to go to the doctor's office
  • When you're on vacation, on a business trip, or away from home
  • When you need a short-term prescription refill
  • When you'd like guidance on the type of specialist you should see
  • If you have a health-related question, you'd like answered
  • If you'd like a medical issue explained to you, or you need a second opinion
  • As a higher-quality, lower-cost alternative to minute clinics and urgent care centers
  • To get access in pandemic or national emergencies when there is no other access to medical care

Consider Telemedicine for your family today.

Telemedical systems provided by CityDoc save you money & give you 24x7 access to high quality, responsive physicians to meet your medical needs. With kids at college, a family that travels for business or pleasure, or just the security of knowing you can get to a qualified doctor 24x7, Telemedicine is a service you need to consider.

At CityDoc Urgent Care, we provide comprehensive urgent care for the entire family. Stay at home or work and connect with a CityDoc provider from your computer or smartphone using our Telemedicine or Video Visit service. Visit today for more information.