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Innovative Ideas - Be Prepared to Capture Your CreativeThoughts

Innovative ideas can occur at any time. If you're like me,some of your best ideas "pop" into your head at the most unexpectedtimes.

I was talking with a friend recently who mentioned that heoften comes up with his most creative ideas in the shower. I found thatinteresting because I also have innovative ideas while in the shower. I alsohave many creative ideas when I'm driving.

Since we all have creative thoughts at unexpected times, itis important to be prepared for those innovative ideas ahead of time. To me,being prepared means having a way to record the innovative idea before it"disappears". Here are a few ways to be sure you are always preparedto record your innovative thoughts:

1.            Carry apen/pencil and paper with you at all times - get a small pad of paper and ashort pencil that easily fit in your pocket or purse.

2.            If youhave innovative ideas in the middle of the night, keep a pad of paper next toyour bed to record those ideas.

3.            Use anaudio recorder to quickly record your thoughts. Or, carry a portable videocamera, like the Flip video camera. Since these video cameras also includemicrophones, you can use them to record your thoughts - just ignore the video.

4.            Use yourcell phone. If you have a smart phone, use a note-taking application or a voicerecording application. If your phone does not have those abilities, sendyourself a text message or call your voicemail and leave a message foryourself.

5.            Keep apad of paper and a pen in your car. If I'm waiting in my car for an appointmentor to pick up one of my kids, I will often use that time as amini-brainstorming session and write down all of my ideas.

6.            Put awhite board in your office or other location just for creative ideas. I have awhite board in my office that is used exclusively for innovative business ideas related to my current projects.

I realize that the above ideas for recording your thoughtsprobably won't work in the shower. So, here's an opportunity for you toinnovate: How can you record ideas while in the shower? A water-proof whiteboard? Visit This Website=