t shirt printing Singapore
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t shirt printing Singapore

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Reallyworks was built up since 2003 as a devoted corporatetee shirt provider and dependable specialist organization for weaving,

silkscreen and move imprinting on clothes.

We give a wide scope of instant tee shirts that come invarious materials, plans, energizing hues and grouped sizes.

Reallyworks is additionally had some expertise in handcrafted clothes for corporate organizations, schools and occasions tees forvarious events.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing, otherwise called screen printing, isone of the most well-known and famoustee shirt printing technique around the globe.

They are entirely tough and durable as the ink bonds to thetee shirt that won't blur easilyeven after numerous washes.

The expense of silkscreen printing differs as per thequantity of hues and size of the picture.

Implying that the more hues inside the picture, the printingcost will be higher.

Warmth TransferPrinting

Warmth move printing is a strategy for moving an idealexample by means of warmth onto the tee shirt.

The excellence of warmth move printing is that they canprint full shading photographs or work of art withcomplex conditioning impactswithout

a minumum requested amount, not at all like silkscreenprinting.

We additionally offer a wide scope of warmth move flex thatnot just comes in essential oolours just as other embellishment flex, forexample,

intelligent, brilliant, sparkles and shine in obscurity.

CMYK Color Separation Printing

CMYK shading division printing utilizes 4 distinct hues(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to print full hued or conditioned structures.

It is more savvy to utilize this printing technique when youhave to print full shading imagesin enormous quanity.

Despite the fact that the impact of this print may not be aslively as warmth move, yet it is progressively strong and capable take morewashes without

blurring by any stretch of the imagination.


Weaving is the way toward finishing texture or differentmaterials with structures sewed in strands of string which ventures

an expert and tasteful feel.

It very well may be sewed onto all tee shirts, businessshirts, regalia, towels, sport sacks, tops and so on…

he cost of weaving is influenced by the size of thestructure and the quantity of join utilized.

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