System on Module Market Scope, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast By 2029
System on Module Market Scope, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast By 2029
Soaring demand for embedded computers is instrumental to the growth of the global system on module market.

As industry 4.0 sets the pace of widespread transformations, the adoption of connected technologies is expected to grow at posthaste speeds. Against this backdrop, the demand for system on module (SOM) is growing. It incorporates critical elements of electronics design including RAM, Flash, and microprocessors. As these electronics are essential for developing robust sensors and connectivity tech, the global system on module market is expected to grow fast. SOM allows users to focus on application development and offload hardware and software design tasks. Soaring demand for embedded computers is instrumental to the growth of the global system on module market. SOMs are also used in electric cars which accounted for over 3 million unit sales in 2020, a 40% jump from the previous year. Paced demand for SOM in the manufacturing, electronics, and automotive industries is collectively leading the market to maturity.  


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Soaring Demand for Embedded Computers to Create Growth Prospects

Rapid advancements in several technologies including wireless communication, smart sensors, and imaging solutions due to a flourishing industrial sector are creating profound demand for multi-core chipsets. These chips offer greater versatility, performance, and reliability. The defence and aerospace industries have no margin for error and are a major source of the demand for embedded computers. These embedded computers use system on module type of chips. Moreover, paced demand for the internet of things (IoT) and other types of embedded computers is also boding well for the global system on module market. As the industrial and robotics industries are sustaining their promising growth, the market is set to thrive in the upcoming years.


Rapid Industrial Automation Adoption to Sustain Robust Growth in System on Module Market


As the availability and reliability of game-changing technologies continue to improve, revolutionary trends are taking place across business spheres. One such trend is industrial automation. It uses sophisticated IoT, AI, machine learning, and data analytics technologies to boost operational efficiency, resource utilisation, and worker safety. Industrial processes such as manufacturing, product assembly, logistics operations, and supply chain management are expected to benefit from industrial automation. The key to achieving success is using advanced sensors and computing technologies such as embedded computers which constantly collect data and stay connected to other machines for streamlined operations. This development is propelling the global system on module market to fruition.

Flourishing Manufacturing and Automotive Industries to Cement Asia Pacific’s Market Dominance


The thriving semiconductor production industry, coupled with other industrial advancements is establishing Asia Pacific as the leading system on module market. China and Taiwan are the leading semiconductor producers in the world. Moreover, the market for smart gadgets such as wearables, smart TVs, PCs, washing machines and refrigerators is also thriving, all used system on module chips embedded in them. The region is also home to major automotive, and manufacturing economies such as China and India. Other favourable market factors include growth in disposable incomes and the presence of supportive government and regulatory norms.

Leading Market Players


The most competitive players in the global system on module market include SoMLabs, Microchip Technology, Inc., National Instruments Corporation, Axiomtek Co., Ltd., Congatec GmbH, Advantech Co. Ltd., Connect Tech Inc., Emcraft Systems., AAEON, and MAC, Inc.


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