Superior Laser Micromachining Of Thin Metals With Laserod Technologies
Laserod Incorporated was established by Rod Waters in the mid 1990s, succeeding Florod, an organization built up by Waters and an accomplice during the 1970s.

The laser micromachining of small parts accurately and repeatability on thinner sheet metals requires a precise system. Otherwise, you're just using a sledgehammer to crack nuts and losing money in the process. The use of a high-power laser on thin metals will cause all sorts of problems that could be prevented by a less powered machine. A high-power laser, for example, is required to cut thick metal, not thin ones, so it can become unstable by under performing it.

The running costs involved are not comparable with a low-powered system, either. Set-up costs can also be out of proportion to the work's value. In some cases, using a high-power laser to cut small parts can double the production costs.

At Laserod, we have developed a small part laser micromachining solution for different types of metals. Our thin metal cutting and drilling system is a laser cutter optimized for micromachining small parts in both prototypes as well as industrial environments.

Operating on various metals, from steel to titanium, alloys to aluminum, our femtosecond and picosecond laser micromachining systems provide superior performance and unmatched reliability.

A lot of laser micromachining firms have trouble cutting and drilling thin metals, but Laserod doesn't. The cutting and molding of thin metals are one of our many specialties and our use of femtosecond and picosecond laser micromachining systems guarantees low thermal distortion. Our range of laser-cut widths (kerfs) is 10-50 microns.

Laserod Technologies is one of the industry's leading experts in laser micromachining of polymers and other substrates for micro-scale applications. Our picosecond and femtosecond laser micromachining solutions are uniquely suited for microscale-polymer machining for many applications. Contact Laserod today at 310-340-1343 for projects and inquiries!