South Africa Printing Inks Market - Industry Report, 2031
South Africa Printing Inks Market - Industry Report, 2031
Printing inks market in South Africa was valued at US$ 120 Mn in 2020 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of ~7% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2031

Printing inks are inks used in printing and consists of pigments of the needed color, mixed with oil or varnish. Products in the South Africa printing inks market are used in various applications, some of which include in areas such as offset printing, gravure printing, digital printing, screen printing, and specialty printing.

Printing inks are also play a crucial role in the presentation and advertising of food. The printing inks can be used in the coloring of plastics, paper, glass, metals, and textiles.

Printing inks protect and provide a decorative image to the substrate, and can be employed on variety of surfaces, irrespective of size, texture, or shape. All these applications of printing inks could help in the development and growth of the South Africa printing inks market in future.

Unlike paints and varnish coatings, printing inks are applied to the surface as an extremely thin layer and, based on the printing process may have a thickness in the range of 2 μm-30 μm.

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Digital Printing Expected to Drive South Africa Printing Inks Market

Printing inks consist of dyes solutions and insoluble colorants. The inks are differentiated based on processes, such as flexography, rotogravure, and lithography. The primary growth driver in the South Africa printing inks market is an increase in demand for printing inks in the commercial printing and publication industries.

Extensive usage of printing inks in the newspaper industry is enhancing the South Africa printing inks market. The South Africa printing inks market is projected to reach US$ 251 Mn by 2031 and grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 7% in the period of assessment from 2021 - 2031.

Digital printing has gained popularity because of their fast turnaround ability. The rapid growth in the digital printing industry is a crucial driver of the South Africa printing inks market. The recent developments in digital printing such as creasing and digital carton cutting have enhanced the potential for a greater number of applications of inks in folding cartons, flexible packaging, and corrugated packaging.

Digital printing is swiftly expanding into electrophotography and label production. An area that is likely to benefit from the growth in digital planning is the packaging industry because of a rise in digital printing applications.

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Industry Challenges & Strategies Adopted by South Africa Printing Inks Market Players

The South Africa printing inks market faces its own set of challenges as well. The ratification and adoption of strict rules and regulations in South Africa over the use of unstable organic compounds could have a negative impact on the South Africa printing inks market.

High raw materials cost in is estimated to impede the growth of South Africa printing inks market in future. Some of the raw materials used in the printing inks manufacturing include energy curing monomers, additives, colorants, photo initiators, and other chemicals. These raw materials are extremely expensive and that could hamper printing inks production, which could, in turn, affect the South Africa printing inks market.

Printing inks also contain inorganic solvents and harmful metals such as hexavalent chromium, mercury, and cadmium. When these substances come in direct contact with edibles, it could cause severe health hazards. As a result, there has been an increase in safety measures to prevent any health consequences that could occur when these hazardous substances are inhaled. This aspect of printing inks could affect the overall South Africa printing inks market.

Important players such as Constantia Printing Inks, Flint Group South Africa Ltd., Select Inks, and GL Specialized Inks (Pty) Ltd could aim to expand their worldwide presence through a rise in production capacity and strategic capital allotments.


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