Sources Question Outcome of South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional Election
Sources Question Outcome of South Carolina’s Sixth Congressional Election
"Gregg Marcel Dixon had Clyburn on the ropes" per one South Carolina Republican candidate.

Columbia SC



Miscellaneous claims have been circulating regarding the outcome of South Carolina's Sixth Congressional District 2022 Election for the House Of Representatives that included challengers Gregg "Marcel" Dixon and Dr. Michael Addison against incumbent James E. Clyburn. According to one of the elected nominees the election was slated to be "no contest" with Dixon being the victor. The nominee cited several phone calls they had received from various Republicans elected to local and state office saying that the numbers were in Dixon’s favor.


Furthermore, an article published June 9, 2022 on Black News Daily, an online news curator, cited an unnamed source from South Carolina stating that Dixon was projected to get over 50% of the vote on Election Day. Black News Daily's CEO, Stephanie Rose, has identified the author of the article as one of her male, freelance journalists in Philadelphia. He stated the source was a media figure in South Carolina with a connect from the South Carolina Elections Comission. Ms. Rose has stated that in spite of several efforts, the reporter has not responded to her inquiries about his intel.


Adding to these claims is the recent dilemma with the South Carolina 2022 GOP election in Greenville, South Carolina. In that election, Greenville County Councilmember Joe Dill who lost to challenger Joey Russo by a little over 100 voters alleged that there were several "irregularities" from voters being given incorrect information about where to vote to poll watchers not being properly sworn in to voting machines that were not calibrated correctly. There were also reports of tamper seals removed from the voting machines. The Greenville Republican Party voted to overturn the election which was then ultimately overruled by the South Carolina Republican Party whom then certified the election. This coincides with complaints made by some voters that Dixon’s name had not appeared in some voting booths within South Carolina District Six.


Another incident leading some to the doubt surrounding the election is the uncovering of a police report filed at 2020 Hampton Street in Columbia, South Carolina 29204 at a voting precinct located in the sixth district where two males reported a tamper seal missing from over one of the data ports of a voting machine on the 24th of June 2022. The site supervisor, Miss Alexandria Stephens explained to the reporting officer that the seal had to be removed to reboot the machine for the runoff election on June 28, 2022 and that the seal was to the bottom of the machine. All of the aforementioned reports and incidents have resulted in Dixon’s campaign officially filing a motion to protest the election results.


Addison, the other Democrat in the race, went on record during a court hearing for the election protest stating that he was treated unfairly by the South Carolina Democratic Party's political director, Angela Clyburn-Hannibal, James Clyburn's daughter. Addison, along with Dixon, also cited how Trav Robertson, Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, publicly endorsed Clyburn for reelection on several occasions whereas his role as chair of the state's Democratic Party should have rendered him neutral since Dixon and Addison, like Clyburn, both paid the party dues of $3,480.00, and hence, should have received the same support from the South Carolina Democratic Party.


Many people in South Carolina, already untrusting and cynical of the state's political atmosphere, now are even more suspicious of corruption that keeps the people the higher powers want in power by giving them promotion, and now through possibly tampered voting machinery.


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