SOLIS S26- The Ultimate Compact Utility Tractor
In recent times, there is a wide variety of compact utility tractors available in the market. Deciding on which tractor is suitable for you depends entirely on how you plan to use it.

In recent times, there is a wide variety of compact utility tractors available in the market. Deciding on which tractor is suitable for you depends entirely on how you plan to use it. Utility tractor is beneficial for those working on small farms and is the best match for hobby farming. Compact utility tractors are versatile and elevate your farming experience, due to the ease of operations and advanced comfort. 

Many people try to avoid the burden of heavy expenses incurred in buying a new tractor and opt for old tractors for sale. But old tractors for sale come with their own disadvantages and also require careful examination, otherwise, it adversely affects the productivity of the farmer. Instead of buying old tractors for sale, it is always advisable to choose an affordable tractor that caters to all your needs and accentuates your complete farming experience.

Standing apart from the crowd, SOLIS is a distinguished tractor manufacturing company producing economical tractors that delivers unmatched performance in the fields with its ergonomic excellence.  Currently, it is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company in India and 6thlargest globally. It has made its mark with eminent presence in over 120countries. With a highly skilled and dedicated workforce of 5500+employees, among which 400+ engineers are in R&D, Solis has a production capacity of 300,000 tractors per year and is renowned all over the world for its innovation and high-performance tractors.

To cater to your gardening needs and take your productivity several notches higher, SOLIS S26 is one of the best compact utility tractors. It is a powerhouse of potential and enables a wide variety of activities on all kinds of terrains. It runs on the Mitsubishi3-cylinder diesel engine with a horsepower of 26 HP and is complemented with its a superior hydraulic lifting capacity of 600 kg. A utility tractor powered with hydraulic power steering and competent 4 wheel drive, this tractor delivers a seamless performance on any kind of farm due to its effective traction capability. The efficient 9F+9R transmission ignites your potential with more power and gets your work done in no time. This utility tractor is any farmer's delight as it operates with ease and is precise in terms of speed.

SOLIS S26 is empowered with other impressive safety features which make it an ideal choice among most farmers. It offers PTO safety, neutral safety switch and single clutch safety switch. These high-functioning switches ensure a safe experience and prevent accidents from occurring while performing agricultural activities. It also comes with ROPS, which is designed to safely bear the load of the tractor in case of overturning, thus ensuring the safety of the operator. The utility tractor also has an impressive speed of 15.58 km/hr @2700 and 2speed PTO rpm of 540 & 540E, for an effortless and smooth functioning. The brakes are also well-immersed allowing you to work swiftly even with heavy implements. The fuel indicator gauge helps you to keep track of the remaining level of fuel. With its improved friction-less aerodynamic bonnet, this tractor exudes a sleek and stylish vibe. Other than that, this compact utility tractor has an excellent turning radius of 2.1 (RHS) and 2.3 (LHS) and has an adjustable sprung seat with a safety belt for complete comfort.

Overall, S26 is the best compact utility tractor in terms of productivity and efficiency and acts as the ultimate farm professional. With its versatile features, this is a smart buy and is definitely a powerful performer for your everyday farming activities.