Social Media User Blames Management for the death of Singer KK: Einstantly
Social Media User Blames Management for the death of Singer KK: Einstantly
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Bollywood News: Who would have expected a singer to pass away at a young age after having a concert? The Whole of India is in shock and probably everyone is talking about eh cause of the sudden demise of Singer KK.

On Tuesday night, Very Shortly after a live concert in Kolkata, News broke on the Internet about the demise of SINGER KK due to Cardiac Arrest. By the time he was rushed to the hospital, he was brought dead.

When the news first came out on the internet many believed it was a Hoax but soon realized KK was no more.  Many are discussing the cause of his death and what could because the cardiac arrest at such young age.

A social Media user on the internet blamed the management of the event for not providing proper facilities and expressed management should take responsibility for the death.

The social media user posted a series of posts revealing that the event is overcrowded and organizers failed and could not hold the attendance. The organizers used fire extinguishers and it could be the main reason behind the suffocation and the heat. Even AC didn’t work properly and even claimed that Singer KK complained of the heat.

Organizers failed to bring the heat under control, KK sweated longer, leaving the concert halfway the singer left the stage midway.

The social media users’ series of posts raised new doubts if organizers acted properly, we might have KK today.

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