Sleep Tips for New & Expectant Parents
Sleep Tips for New & Expectant Parents
Most parents are unaware of the reality of how much your sleep changes after having a baby. Taking newborn care necessitates its toll on parents.

Most parents are unaware of the reality of how much your sleep changes after having a baby. Taking newborn care necessitates its toll on parents.

“Relax when the baby sleeps,” some experts say. While this is good advice, it doesn’t address some difficulties … what if the baby isn’t sleeping probably? What if mom is breastfeeding and has little help? Last but not least, what if you simply find that you can’t relax when the baby sleeps?

 1. Talk to other parents about newborn sleep patterns and ask about their experiences.

Most new mothers do not know what a normal infant sleep pattern looks like. Allow yourself to learn from others who’ve been into it. Learning what served for other mothers may help you figure out what will work for you and your kid.

2. But don’t make comparisons!

Don’t allow yourself to become confused by comparing yourself to other new mothers or getting picked up on advice that is not helpful.

3. Know that newborn sleep patterns vary greatly.

It’s not surprising for a newborn to sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours at a time! Plus, the total number of newborns baby sleep can vary considerably from day to day. In the first few days, your newborn may sleep as much as 15-17 hours, and by 3 weeks closer to 12 hours. Some babies sleep as little as 10 out of 24 hours.

4. Newborns sleep in ‘active sleep’, which is a lighter sleep state.

Most newborns are very boisterous sleepers! As your little one snoozes, you’ll notice flapping eyelids, rapid irregular breathing, occasional body movements, brief screams, other noises. Not to worry, this is all normal and does not mean a problem with the baby. It’s also not important for you to try and keep a completely quiet household while baby sleep. Getting the baby used to some background noise now can help her grow into a more solid, comfortable sleeper. So try to make a habit of playing light music on the radio, talking with others or playing with a healthy baby, or even moving the vacuum while your newborn sleeps.

5. Understand that newborns don’t have the same circadian rhythm that we do.

Structuring your toddler sleeping, play and feeding cycles can help improve the physical development of infants, though it can take a minimum of at least 13 weeks before a regular sleep and wake pattern is developed and formed.

6. Rest when the baby sleeps!

You may not always be able to take rest when the toddler sleeps – although it’s great when you can! But even if you don’t relax, sleep can help your mind reset. So in the first weeks, allow yourself to let the good meals and cooking wait if possible. Better yet, find family members who can take over those duties for you until your newborn falls into a more expected schedule.

7. Remember that for a newborn, crying = communication.

Your baby’s crying is NOT a hint that you’re just doing something incorrectly, so try not to let it bother you. Notice if you are taking the baby’s cry personally. Talk with your physician or therapist about this reaction to help sort it out. Assuming this way can be a sign that you may be struggling with stress and/or inflation.

8. Breastfeeding can add an extra challenge.

If you are breastfeeding at night or getting up to elevate, it can be quite a difficulty. Know that you will need help. If you feel you can’t go on with this routine, allow yourself to know breastfeeding is a good choice. If you want to put up with it, that is great. If you can add some paced bottle feeding to the mix to give yourself an unusual break, or even stop breastfeeding completely, know this is fine, too.

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