Simple Ways To Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly
Simple Ways To Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly
Simple Ways To Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly

Congratulations! So you have finally gotten a pet that you wanted since your childhood. You have bought him a nice bed and his favourite treats. But, have you considered making your home pet-friendly so that your pet feels happy and safe? Pets, when young tend to be very curious and energetic and can get into all sorts of trouble. Add to that, home is the place where your pet spends a large part of his life which is why you need to ensure that you provide a safe environment to him. To know how to make your home pet-friendly, read on! 

Paw-friendly flooring

Try to avoid rugs and carpets as they can be a breeding ground for hair and bacteria which is harmful to your pet’s health. Opt for those flats in Bangalore that have vitrified tiles rather than a glossy floor. A glossy floor will exhibit the scratches made by your pet in a much clearer manner which is something that you don’t want. Ensure that the flooring is skid-proof with a matte finish.

Designated Pet Space

Assign a dedicated area to your pets in your flat in Bangalore where you can keep a small mattress for them to sleep. Keep their food bowls and toys nearby thus making it their own little space. Birds and fish require lesser maintenance when compared to dogs. In case you have a bird, keep the cage away from the window to protect it from the rain and sun. Place your aquarium near an electrical outlet as a fish aquarium would need filters, heaters and lights, all of which need electricity.

Cleaning Agents

Avoid strong cleaning agents for mopping as pets tend to lick the floors and can ingest potentially harmful chemicals.

Pet-friendly furniture

Ensure that the furniture has rounded or beveled edges to avoid hurting your pets. Leather or artificial leather is an ideal choice for the upholstery in your flats for sale in electronic city as they are easy to maintain unlike materials like chenille or synthetic cloth which absorb dirt easily.

Keep your trash cans closed

Trash cans usually contain old food, harmful chemicals and pieces of indigestible items. Ingesting them can be harmful to your pet and potentially life-threatening.

Pet-friendly plants

Common house plants like lilies, tulips, Chrysanthemum and English Ivy are lethal for your pets. Give a quick tour of your garden and do your research well to avoid any mishaps.

Keep strings, cords and wires out of reach

Most properties in Bangalore are equipped with concealed wiring. Still, there might be that odd wire hanging from your television or lamp which needs to be kept out of reach from your pets to avoid any electrical hazards.

Apart from these provisions, there are properties in electronic city Phase2 like Mahendra Homes who think beyond your usual amenities and have incorporated facilities like pet parks where you can take your pooches for walks and socialize with other pet parents. With 77% open space, your pet will not feel closeted. To know more, book a visit now!