She Is Awake, A Blog Focused  On Slow Living, Intersectional Environmentalism and Issues Related To The People Of Colour
The blog, She Is Awake is written by Antónia Mussache, who discusses sustainability for people of colour and the problems they face, the blog aims at empowering them. Furthermore, the author is also working on a book, called “Intentional Life” An opportunity for self-reflection to achieve a frugal and sustainable life.

Lisbon,Portugal – She Is Awake is a blog written by AntóniaMussache, who is a researcher, blogger and project manager. She aims atempowering people of colour and providing them with a new approach towards sustainability.Additionally, in her blog, she also shares the idea of IntersectionalEnvironmentalism, which is the idea that the effects of the environment arecaused by the aspects of society like race, religion or gender, etc. The authoris also working on a book called  Intentional Life talks about overcoming povertyand still choice to live as a minimalist.

Antónia Mussache, ornicknamed Nia was born in Luanda, Angola in 1994, this was the time during theCivil War and then she along with her family moved to Lisbon, Portugal. She hasBSc in Urban Planning obtained a MSc in Project Management from Cardiff MetUniversity while living in Wales, UK.

She lived a life ofpoverty, living in slums while she was in Luanda, she was brought up living ina ditch, used as a waste disposal area. While living there, she appreciatednature more and thought that everyone should take care of their environment tomake the earth more sustainable. She is currently working on a project named asZero Waste Angola, which is an educational programmed aimed towards personaland communities level.

In her blog, Nia hasshed a light on an important issue of Intersectional Environmentalism, whichlinks environmental effects and some of the aspects of society. For example,environmental degradation often accompanies conditions of poverty, and due to acomplex history of racial subjugation within Western society, ethnic minoritiesare more likely to live in such conditions and thus tend to be impacted mostsignificantly. Incidents such as these push capitalists to continuallyoverexploit both labour and nature, inevitably resulting in a socio-economiccrisis.

Antónia is workingon a book called  Intentional Life which helps people to create a new mindset towards wasteand consumes. The book empowers and inspires people to turn their lives aroundand make this world a better place for themselves.


Contact Person Name:Antónia Mussache - Researcher and blogger

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