Scoliosis is a problem that many people have, but many people are unaware of and do not pay attention to

Scoliosis is a problem that many people have, but many people are unaware of and do not pay attention to, the most elementary is the high and low shoulder, more serious to the obvious scoliosis of the spine, most of these problems are caused by bad habits such as incorrect sitting and sleeping posture, long-term carrying a shoulder bag. Scoliosis not only affects your posture, but in severe cases it can also affect your heart and lung function. Although some studies have suggested that it has something to do with genetics, poor lifestyle habits are a very direct cause.

Scoliosis is a very scary subject, and this is already at a more serious level. Most people are more primitive and the symptoms are usually just high and low shoulders, so it is advisable to pay attention to them.

Core points to know when choosing a mattress




Spring is the core of the Best Mattress online, the market does mattress spring currently using only the following three technologies.

Independent pocket spring: the most current technology used in mattresses on the market, on behalf of the brand Simmons. Each spring is installed separately inside the bag, each independent, the benefit is very weak interference, 2 people sleep, turn over or whatever do not interfere with each other, and sleep feeling soft and hard moderate. The original patent for this type of spring belonged to Simmons, the patent period has expired and the production equipment is not expensive, which is why it is used by a large number of manufacturers. Regular 5.5 coil springs, the better ones are 6.5 coils, the advanced ones are 7.5 coils, actually having 6 coils is very comfortable, believe me, most brands on the market give you 5.5 coils, and some like to talk themselves up and blow blind.


The downside of individually pocketed springs is that each one has a cloth pocket, leading to average breathability and stuffiness in the summer. The springs, if used poorly, tend to collapse over time in locations that have been weight-bearing, such as the hip area.


The aforementioned IQ tax 7-zone load-bearing is achieved with individually pocketed springs. Zoning is indeed necessary, but even if 5 zones are custom-made according to height, it is almost enough for ordinary commercial use, and 3 zones are the most common, considering the height difference.


Independent spring is the technology used by the vast majority of domestic manufacturers, so to say more, in addition to note that the bow skeleton Bedding Sets Twin make this mattress more easily deformed oh


Wonderful and buckle spring: on behalf of the brand Shu Da. Myriad and buckle is through a wire wound into a mattress. The advantage is that it is very strong and durable, the disadvantage is that 2 people sleeping will interfere with each other, sleeping feels hard, more suitable for children to use, after all, children like to play on the trampoline.

The Myriad is currently a patented product of Schoda, and the equipment is expensive, so no other manufacturer produces it, only this one.


Posturepedic Springs: represents the brand Sealy. The scientific name is LFK open spring, which is a patented name sourced from Leinster. The advantage is that they are soft and enveloping, suitable for adults, but the disadvantage is that they are prone to rattling.


Like Myriad Buttons, it is still under patent and the equipment is expensive, so Sealy is the only one on the market using it.

Comfort layer

Manufacturers will place various materials on top of the springs to make them comfortable, so the top of the springs is collectively called the comfort layer. Individually pocketed springs, which are already well known to consumers, do not lend themselves to hype, so the comfort layer is currently the core point of hype and price increases for businesses. The common ones on the market are sponge, memory foam, 3D, latex, coconut palm, jute and so on, and I won't list the more rare ones.


First of all, coconut palm jute is very hard, what spring puts on it is no different. To sleep on a hard bed, you can buy, but do not consider what spring, directly buy a pure coconut palm / jute pad it, more money.


Secondly, polymer and 3D, breathable very strong, mainly exported to Japan and South Korea, because one is Japan and South Korea to sleep on the ground, the need for strong breathability, the second is waste disposal recycling environmental protection policy, like ordinary spring mattress class also decomposition and demolition, need to charge higher fees, so Japan's domestic mattresses are used 3d polymer fiber class mattress, easy to recycle.


Domestic in recent years more and more businesses are also using the so-called 3d environmental protection brown, 3d polymer fiber, graphene material ---- these on the one hand have more than one environmental protection selling point, on the other hand, we do not understand adding environmental protection, plus a 3d. It appears to be environmentally friendly, high-tech, better combination of regulation and price marketing.


Latex, rapid rebound, strong sense of support is its advantage, the hottest thing in these years. Poor breathability, short life span as well as being wildly hyped by businesses at a high premium is its disadvantage.


Then to the sponge, memory foam, in fact, can be collectively referred to as sponge. Sponge is a large foreign brand that uses the most comfortable layer of material, and is also very recommended to use a material, specific details below.


Personal summary is that coir/jute = hard bed. Polymers and 3D are suitable for use on the floor. Sponge is the best partner for mattresses. Latex... Please read on...



Many businesses use latex in the comfort layer, some use a thin layer of less than 1CM to increase the selling point and premium, some use 3-5CM to increase the sense of support. The advantages are instant rebound and instant support.


Latex has several shortcomings, and is more deadly shortcomings, the first is the short life, it is easy to age, even Dunlop latex mattress, the use of a few years will also appear to age off the powder situation. And can not sunlight, can not use electric blankets, otherwise it will accelerate the aging process. The second is not breathable, people need to exhaust heat when sleeping, although now latex mattresses in order to breathe, when the production has been perforated, but because of the physical characteristics, or more stuffy.


In my opinion, latex is a metaphysical product marketed by domestic businesses, it's not that amazing, and for the same price, it's far less tangible than foam. None of the big brands of mattresses sold abroad use latex, everyone uses foam. Of course, there are some brands that are starting to use it in their domestic products in order to cater for the domestic market hotspots.


In addition, the comfort of sleeping in a five-star hotel is recognized by everyone, however, everyone sleeps super comfortably. All want to move home mattresses, all do not contain latex, the reason is that latex products do not meet the fire standards of hotels, latex is flammable. That's why mattresses in five-star hotels are mainly supported by foam, as the foam can be added to fire retardant materials.


Memory foam


The sponge is an excellent product of modern industry, appearing mainly as a substitute for latex. It is currently the main material used for the support layer of mattresses. The advantages are controlled hardness, breathability, low cost, high plasticity, cheap raw materials, can add fireproof materials in line with the fire characteristics, the scope of application and practicality is very strong. The reason why sponges are disliked is the demand for cheap domestic furniture, resulting in the production of a large number of low-quality sponges, easy to rot and easy to collapse, so people's impression is not so good. In fact, foreign furniture products, almost all do not use latex this material, but all use sponge products.


Memory foam is a type of foam, which is characterized by its slow rebound and breathability.


Memory foam was born from a study by nasa in the USA to reduce the huge impact on astronauts at work and to improve the protection and comfort of the seats, so it was also called space memory foam in the early days. Memory foam is made from a different raw material and formula to the earlier foam, the biggest advantage being that it is slow to rebound and has a very strong fit.


With the addition of special materials, memory foam can be attached to a temperature-sensitive function, which can be temperature-sensitive, hot, soft and cold. As the person lies down and the temperature is transferred, the memory foam becomes warmer and gradually softer, thus adjusting the body to the most comfortable posture, while the memory foam underneath continues to be fully supportive because it is not in contact with the body and the temperature does not change. Of course, the principle is perfect, the practical disadvantage is that as the sleeping time gets longer and the body temperature keeps passing downwards, the mattress becomes softer and softer, the support becomes too soft and the upper part keeps squeezing downwards also becomes less breathable.


So, for now, it is still recommended that a non-temperature sensitive memory foam product would be more suitable.